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  1. class for higher ping

    Go forcemaster
  2. Force Master vs The World

    Use q and e to get around blademasters blocking, freeze them use your escapes and defences wisely, pick the time they are not on blocking stance to drain them and use you fire damage skills, and oh watch videos of jeunsyong or whatever his name is playing'll learn alot glhf
  3. Its about server lags in pvp with some players its chronic. They cant move or use skills and simply stay still.devs need to work to get it sorted asap.happened to me this morning last night and the night before. I rarely get a smooth pvp match and no its not my connection
  4. ForceMaster builds!

    Skills combinations vary with the opponent class, you need to figure out what are the skills needed for every class, there are common skills for all ofc like damage skills.myself I depend on ice skills to cc my enemies stun them with my 1 when frozen. Use escapes wisely and drain your enemies I would say
  5. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Summoners are easy for me as forcemaster in pvp arena, pretty annoying in mass pvp faction etc.
  6. EU Arena lag...unplayable

    Same issue, last night was horrible for me, unplayable lag in pvp arena 1v1 and 3v3 thats gets me bored of losing my golden rating. Tried reloging the game many times and nothing changes. Hope this to be investigated and resolved soon.
  7. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    I really like your restricted rules for joining I must say!