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  1. BOT Phasing

    The phasing is a teleport hack that has existed since the game launched in Korea.
  2. cat tank nerfed

    Not completely sure if it's related but I recall hearing that they nerfed the cat taunt to something like 5 seconds in Korea awhile ago. The whole reason they nerfed it is mostly because they didn't want summoners acting as substitute tanks in dungeons. They did buff their damage output in exchange though...
  3. The captcha idea is silly and would only annoy legit players. Meerkat has the right idea, a strong infrastructure combined with a bot/buyer handling task force would be one of the only effective ways to deal with them in mass. Sadly, NC is well known for being very unwilling to invest in their games in ways that don't yield a very high and immediate profit margin. Quality of life investments, longevity, and building consumer loyalty is something entirely foreign to them. I'll be impressed if they ever remedy this problem. The only remedy I see on the horizon is when the game loses enough playerbase that bots don't have a reason to stick around.
  4. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    It's rather sad to think about, but this game wasn't always a random box hell. Back when the game was young -- it was for the most part quite reasonable. It had the typical random crap but it wasn't embedded into every single element of the game and level progression wasn't nearly so tedious and streamlined. It's all just a result of an aged game being monetized in every single way NC can come up with and sacrificing basic enjoyable game design in the process. The game in Korea has long since passed out of the hands of casuals and into the the hands of hardcore addicts and cash whales.
  5. Game's combat must be pretty bad if you can only compare it to games that are completely irrelevant to dismiss it *rolls eyes*. Never have I witnessed such great insight into the woefully simplistic and one-dimensional combat that you understand in entirety. A master of competitive games that plays SSB, I can only but bow before thee.
  6. Hats changing my hairstyle

    You clearly have no idea what you're even talking about. Simple fixes might be possible for certain hairstyles but not majority if a quality standard is to be maintained. I also never said it wasn't possible, I said it's not something that is effortless to do -- which you seem to still think. Better a stylized haircut than something half-assed. I'm not arguing against having hats conform to hairstyles since that would be nice. I'm just bringing reason.
  7. Hats changing my hairstyle

    So you're going to dismiss what I said because some entirely different game has hats that conform to hairstyles? I just... sigh. Why do I bother... This is just another one of those threads. Maybe one day, if fortunate, they will put a high quality hat that has been modeled for all hairstyles in the cash shop for a premium price. Maybe it will even be modeled to fit Lyn ears properly!
  8. I would say this is a troll thread, but considering all the other utterly ridiculous things people post on this forum in complete seriousness... The game has almost no blood at all except in a few cinematics. Even someone with hemophobia should be able to get by in Blade and Soul. I'm really wanting to believe this is just a silly troll post, but perhaps the thread creator hasn't even played the game like some other people making silly requests. The violence/gore in the game are at a PG to PG-13 level tops and the mature rating comes merely from themes and the sexy outfits.
  9. Hats changing my hairstyle

    This is not as simple as a one, two, three. There actually is a reason the hats change your hairstyle beyond aesthetic -- it would take a very significant amount of work hours to properly model each hat for each hairstyle. It's not just a matter of scaling like with character outfits.
  10. Normally, you wouldn't see many players using the damage enrage skill on Destroyer but at our lower level cap it is extremely powerful. It's one of the bothersome balance issues with our current version of the game.
  11. Blade Dancer vs Blade Master

    This thread has actually been made before but it's understandable since it's a common question from new players. I'll provide just a bit more detail on a few things from LBM perspective. Darkshana's summary is fairly accurate. LBM is easier to play in most respects due to an overall simpler skill setup and has a significantly higher skill floor in PvP (easier at low tier play). In a group setting, LBM deals in providing crowd control and grappling opponents -- pretty much the same role as a Destroyer. Due to fact they have mostly the same role as a Destroyer they have seen is discrimination in Korea when it comes to group PvE (Destroyer is generally considered better). LBM is pretty much incapable of tanking and isn't as effective at soloing, but it should be noted that the AoE damage of LBM is generally stronger and more consistent than BM. Blademaster is quite impressive to see when played by a player who has mastered the class. Watching some videos of gameplay of both classes would provide at least a quick overview of what they do; this is assuming you don't want to take the time to play each one extensively.
  12. End-game Raid Content?

    You're pretty much forced to use Ctrl+F (hide players). In a raid environment it's less about things on a personal level such as dodging as long as you can keep a proper dps rotation. It's more about having the proper gear and going to the right places at the right time. You want to get everyone working like clockwork.
  13. End-game Raid Content?

    Correct answer has already been given. A raid will surely be released in the future for NA/EU. I'm actually sad that they decided to move towards closed raids. To me this just screams they are out of ideas (or trying to attract new players) considering BnS is a very poor game to push true raid content on. I personally don't like raids in the first place as they are more often than not a tedious exercise in people management rather than skill, but BnS doesn't have the performance or mechanics that work well for raids anyway. Maybe it will end up being better than I expect, but I doubt it.
  14. He is a solo-challenge boss much like what you face in the future at Mushin's Tower. It's meant that you play against him with minimal mistakes as the punishment for making a mistake could be death. Long ago, he was a very challenging boss at level and it required you played almost completely perfectly to have a chance at beating him. To put it simply, you're not supposed to let him hit you or combo you at all while avoiding his ice and such. It was a very methodical fight, but ranged classes could cheese it to a degree. He is actually extremely easy to beat now due to the fact the player's damage is massively higher than it was in the past. Treat him somewhat similar to a PvP opponent. Parry or knockdown to avoid attacks, aerial combo, burst with draw, and grab when required. As a Blade Dancer you should be able to kill him in a matter of seconds before he has a chance to do much of anything. He has a chance to drop a special outfit.
  15. Lyn are small, cute, and fluffy, but they are not children. They are simply androgynous and tiny. Secondary sexual characteristics often help define a persons age along with their sex. I can't really support the idea behind the thread because they would have to modify the entire race including the NPCs to make it flow.