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  1. Winlicence launching bug

  2. Winlicence launching bug

    Tried to launch the game today and it gave me this message "A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program."
  3. As a KFM after about the 10th-15th try I just gave up. I'd either get frozen in place or stun-locked then combo-ed after my avoid abilities were on cool down.
  4. Need some filters on player pictures

    Well for the OP and anyone else Youmukon the cm has pointed out that a ticket can be submitted to report players for inappropriate profile images. here - Otherwise as it states here in the code of conduct in the blade and soul user agreement for player interactions in game and on the forums - I'm pretty sure that also includes profile images in the character inspection window and that should solve everything for the thread. Would I report someone for a inappropriate profile image, probably not cause we are playing boobs and and soul. though just be aware use those gifs and jpgs at your own risk, just sayin'.
  5. Need some filters on player pictures

    Ohh ty for the info. Though jumped in game and looked up my character in the profile viewer and I was able to change it from there. Though if it is as you say with the image size, it would be cool to put custom images for it. gif's as well, now that is interesting I'm tempted to try it out. Edit: did some experimenting and for my results the main thing for the profile pic is either the name or changing the file extension to a .jpg, or both. Even with some of the gif's I found that had a wider resolution to the profile image it was automatically resized to the profile image size.
  6. Need some filters on player pictures

    TBH I've been wondering just how can we change those profile pics, is there somewhere online that we have to do that?
  7. Unsealing talisman --lower npc prices

    Unlikely, it will most likely still be some silver for several things simply due to the cost to craft some items. For example (i don't have the crafting profession for unsealing charms) for a stack of 5 repair tools, for the matts you need 20 raw iron to craft it. At...43 (irc) copper per 10 raw iron for the crafting fee, total so far is 83 copper for the matts. Now for the 5 repair tool recipe it costs 1 silver and 4 copper bringing the total up to 1S;89C just to craft 5 repair tools. At a 10 repair tool stack it gets exponentially worse with a total of about 7 silver needed for the mats alone and then another 2.3 silver for the recipe. If your selling on the market you will need to put the stack up for about 10 silver just to recoup a little more than what it cost you to make. The larger the stack of items the more it will cost you to make thus being more expensive on the market.
  8. Blackram Narrows - Getting the Axe

    for the most part if your in a bind to find some extra people for a dungeon (it is easier with heroic dungeons) the cross server dungeon finder works pretty well.
  9. Feedback - Soha's *new* voice

    ^^ that right there. It was never the fact that people had complaints about the voice (while I liked the southern voice and it gave her a unique character) the southern voice was a placeholder to begin with and was going to be replaced anyways. "when ncsoft know when there's a lot of people that want something changed" . Well why is the story still all messed up (specificaly the main yellow quests) in some parts where NCsoft NA has received a lot of feed back, constructive criticism and complaints on but nothing has changed.
  10. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Agreed it would be nice if the BnS EN localization team took note.
  11. I liked her southern accent and want it back
  12. Open Discussion with English Localization

    TBH I liked and enjoyed that LWS took his personal time to create a forum and respond to questions and feedback from the players about the localization. I looked forward to his responses, however I think LWS underestimated the intensity of the community and how passionate the community would be about the game. Now with the articles both NCsoft and the community may have shot themselves in the foot. While yes we should voice our opinions, concerns and criticism, but have we dammed the game by doing so due to the dev's unwillingness to make certain changes.
  13. Outfit according to class?

    Yes they are in game and can be obtained.
  14. Can we please change Soha's southern accent?

    I don't mind her voice
  15. is it worth to upgrade master pack

    TBH the cowboy outfit and hat will probably be the only one I use.