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  1. As many people during holidays I moved home and i play from diffrent pc. My problem is that i am used to bind 2 keys to my mousewheel up and down. It is not problem with my Tyon mouse as it is able to send keys (V and X) instead of mousewheel (up down). However i have ordinary mouse and window7 now and i am unable to get rid of zooming in and out when i mousewheel. I tried X-mouse button control, it sends V and Z but game still keeps receiving also zoom in and out. Any ideas how to fix this?
  2. Soooo More False Promises with 6v6?

    Because not knowing my true ranking (was 39) I had to risk and play last day with guy i wasnt used to play. You can guess what hapened. Amateur company where left hand doesnt know what right does. And of course 0 communication to customer. You earned yourself F2P player, gz !
  3. 9/8/16 Live Stream Info

    At least they start to understand that in game where understanding your opponent's class , best is to play that class yourself and they tried to support alts. However leveling up to 50 is least of the problem. Game changing HM skills and hm levels required for that gated behind redicullous grind is the problem. Unless this is solved, alts are not attractive. Alts should share hm level with main. Similar to paragon levels in Diablo for example. They could increase exp per level if it would help some people to feel more Korean. Playing alts for hundred of hours without crucials skills is not fun imho. That would make also arenas more popular. Most of the frustration in PvP comes from from the fact that people simple do not know how other classes work. Also I do not understand design where endgame content - 4man dungeons gives just few experience, and old outdated content gives cricketload more. 4man dungeons should give a lot more exp in my opinion. Why not to reward people for doing harder content instead of trying to fix that by exp from rngboxes. More rewards for playing well , less RNG rewards.
  4. Hi, as many people reporting there are game crashes during SSP, I decided to do some testing. I am talking about game stopped working error , not disconnect. After restart of client you are bale to reconnect immediately. In rare cases process client.exe has to be killed. This happens only during very intense battles with large ammount of players arround - SSP/Harvest I figured out connection between hide character option and crashes. I tried to play without disabling other characters and I did not get any crash for 20+ hours of SSP cpu intense guild runs. With characters disabled I consistently got 1-4 game crashes during 1,5-2h session. Does anybody else have similar issue ? If yes can you try to play with all characters enabled, player names off, optimized for combat settings? If there would be connection between hiding character and client crashes for more users, I think this should be taken care of ... This feature should be there to help , not causing more troubles. PS: Nvidia 980Ti, i7-6700k overclocked.
  5. Tips on building a PC!

    I advice to disregard this. Reasons : There is no competition to 1080 curently. nobody would use more then 8Gigs of memory for gaming nowdays. 16 Gigs are future proof enough. Free sync/gsync should not be considered without monitor.
  6. Tips on building a PC!

    Hi, your build is decent. However if you want to get your money worth , make sure you go for high overclock. If you gona run this on 4Gh/4,2 Turbo its huge waste of money to buy such mobo/cooler/cpu. Just saying, as you mentioned you are new to building PC. Better get/pay somebody else to set it up. Remember best boost to BnS performance in crowded areas is CPU. You should get 4.6Ghz easy. Motherboard is still overkill though. Are you really sure you are going to use its features? You not even having M2 SSD and you use single GPU. Good alternative is MSI gaming m7. You could spend those money on larger SSD in order to have all games on SSD. You run out of 250Gigs easy nowdays. With Skylake motherboard with M2 slot I went for Samsung 950 Pro.
  7. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    Problem of such event is not that some people can spend excessive amount of cash to get their items. Many people can do that but do not . Simply because it would ruin their game experience. They do not care so much about others progress. They care about core of RPG , which is development of your character. By being more dedicated and efficient in game mechanics you should advance faster. Together with clever trading items it makes this process fun. For all that you need working game economy. Core of this game are 4man dungeons. This is place, where more dedicated/effective players should generally get the edge despite of RNG. Problem of events comes here. It has influence on game economy in a way, that prices drops too low. However drop percentages remain same. This makes whole 4man dungeons not worth doing, or better not worth doing more than once per day . Instead of that we are forced into boring outdated content (Tainted Lab best dungeon of 2001), because only income is daily challenge or doing all dailies. After few weeks of new content, newest content becomes not worth farming. People get stuck in endless loop of boring dailies. I am NOT saying that it is hard to upgrade in this game , it is actually quite easy. I am almost maxed with 7/38 success rate on premium stone transmutes. What I am saying is that perma cash events destroys game economy, work against core of the game (farming newest 4mans) and makes it not rewarding for players who try to be more efficient/dedicated.
  8. KFM Legendary Upgrade

    - stacking is very slow, you will not get 10 stacks on any other fight than bossfight in dungeon. You will not reset on boars/terors in ssp for example... - it does not reset spirit and it doesnt reset palm... There are other things to consider: - you might roll 3 sockets on it , which is probably less than on your scorpion - you can roll additional sockets with each stage of legendary, using hammers is expensive and not efficient I rushed upgrade and i wasted money on hammers. I advice you not to upgrade unless u have materials for at least stage 3. Upgrade to only stage 1 is actually downgrade in my opinion.
  9. EU - Wild Springs Crimson
  10. They asked for feedback so i ll try one more last time: For new characters , alts and rerolls , leveling and path until level 50 is not a problem. Problem is wall after this, for PvP in form of 15 hm levels and crucial hm skills, while for PVE in form of huge ammount of materials and gold required for upgrades and non tradable items. From stream I have impression, that : - you want to wait till economy will "fix itself" - wait until pvp community will grind their way just to be equal, do it on several characters and learn to PvP by playing mostly PvE grind. - new players will spend several months on old content just to be able to play with "founders". My opinions is - economy will eventually change , but you cannot afford time to wait for this. People already quit because they feel overwhelmed. Your temporary events are NOT enough and all they do is turbulence in prices and inflation of gold. - most of PvP community will NOT have patience to grind their way just to be equal . There is large amount of alternatives for PvPer on NA/EU market, where they can hop in PvP much easier. Hopefully you will not deny decline in pvp community. Lowering prices of hm skills will help but not solve this. You need to provide reasonable long and enjoyable way to level up several characters to their full PvP potencional. Majority of the path has to be PvP content. You do not need to separate pvp and pve , but at the moment its 99% PVE grind. Hands on experience on several classes is way to improve in game. There is simply not enough time for playing PvP for PvPer... - New players will NOT stay unless you provide faster ways to catch up. They will become frustrated by grind and requirements for newest content, inability to catch up without huge RL money investment. Again your temporary events are NOT enough. Experience boost is negligible. Success of this game in NA/EU requires requires more systematic and bold changes. So far I can see only patches , small event type adjustments, which are not enough. After stream I am also not sure there is full understanding of current problems and not really many solution on table.
  11. faction imbalance - no solution provided alt, new player rerolls - no systematic changes provides. They keep trying to solve this through events, which obviously doesn't work. Example is Nebula event. Material discount is 10-40% while prices double because of high demand within short period. They expect economy will fix itself over time. hm levels on alts - events again, forced to pve latency, performance issues - no solutions provided account bound items - no solutions provided, silly excuses engine update - not planned, but that's not surprise
  12. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Will there be any systematic (not event type) changes to help new players, alts, re-rolls to catch up in PVE and get into latest content faster ? Explanation: I would like to recommend the game to friends I played in past other MMO's. But at the moment I would have to tell them, that they will have to grind for months before we can be equal. And its not like I could not carry them in dungeon, they just would not enjoy that for months. Similar problems are with alts and re-rolls.
  13. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Will there be any changes/events focused on alts or pure PvP players, which will allow us to earn HM levels or gold (as resource for hm skills) by playing actually PVP without PVE? Explanation: My alt is forced to PvE in order to be equal in PvP. I am type of player with one main - PVE/PVP and alts for PVP.
  14. GJ, this kind of overview and communication we should have since beginning . Lesson learned hard way...
  15. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    In PVE I was keeping up on my ranged alt in terms of gear. However I decided to stop upgrading because of ridiculous amount of grind, which u have to repeat on your alt. There is also lack of account bound items, which could mitigate repetitiveness. While before silverfrost my alt felt like it is able to earn gold for itself and even help my main. With materials required for further upgrades I feel it is more leech than support. So I ll sit on True pirate, which will eventually make my alt unable to do latest content. In PvP in early HM levels, I felt like I am able to earn them just by PvPing + some dailies occasionally. In Silverfrost I do not feel I can ever catch up without PvE dailies grind. HM skills for alt ... no comment. Most unfriendly design for alts I have to say. Why? is beyond my understanding, because system doesn't even work for people who would like to spend some rl money.