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  1. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

    Sounds good on the surface but you know they're going to make it awful somehow - changing colors requires a rare dungeon drop, it's really expensive, RNG box-based, or something along those lines. Wouldn't be surprised to find that changes aren't permanent and require re-activation after the duration expires as well. They can't let the players have something cool, for free. They just don't have it in them.
  2. Quality of life change for KFM very simple

    Silver Deva gauntlets are also fairly unobtrusive.
  3. My Premium points were zero'd out after maintenance. Ticket submitted, but it might just be the f10 shop being crappy, I suppose. PS 'Twas, in fact, f10 being crappy. Seems to be fixed now.
  4. Your event sucks.

    Not commenting on luck - I know someone that has not gotten a 10-drop so far and has run it every day - but here's my heart totals for 6 chars over 20 days (120 boxes, a reasonable sample size for this sort of thing): 130, 90, 80, 80, 70, 70. I might run it tomorrow on the "odd" totals (130, 70s) because if I crit I can get another costume to salvage. Anyways, that's 520 hearts totals. Subtract the 120 100% 1-per-box hearts and you 400 left from crits. 40 crits out of 120 boxes is a 33% crit chance, which is not too bad.
  5. who's really lucky/unlucky? please share your exp.

    Results for Valentine's Day event. 6 chars, each day. 1 @ 104 hearts 4 @ 64 hearts 1 @ 34 hearts