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  1. I really would like to be able to buy the wig in the store too.
  2. Widow Wig?

    Is it in the game already? If yes where can I get it and will it be in the Hongmoon Store?
  3. BM Questions

    As the title says i play Blademaster. What do i have to do or what is the counterplay when: -A destroyer grabs me (i guess i have to use 2 but i dont know when and it seems like it never does anything) -A LBM has the mode where he is resistant to damage and status effects -An assassin is invisible -An assassin has thrown his dagger on me and it is in my back -An assassin uses Shadowless Step on me (I get caught by that everytime i just dont know how to prevent it) Thanks for answers
  4. Hi, I played 300 Matches with my BM now and all i can say is that my winrate is horrible and i feel like i just can never win. I cant get higher than 1650 points. I pretty much NEVER play against other Blademasters and the only matchup i can win is Forcemaster. The worst matchup for me is against Assassins and I really can never win against them no matter what I do...I have watched a lot of guides and streams from good players but it doesnt really help. I dont feel like im getting better or I learn something while losing every single game against Assasins, LBMs, Summoners or Destroyer. I just want to know if that is really me? Of course I know I'm not good in the game but when i lose every single game against these classes its just questionable for me. Other BMs who have made the same experience? I'm a huge fan of PvP in online games but this one is really not enjoyable for me.
  5. Ist es möglich im Nachhinein noch einen Charakter auf einen anderen Server zu wechseln?