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  1. Force master Bangle bug

    Hello, Is anyone getting the visual bug, where after about 10 secs of equipping a bangle and running/moving around/attacking, the ribbon/tail of the bangle disappears? Is there a way to fix this? I have already contacted customer support about it, and all they said were the 'automated' message - we will pass this on to the relevant team.... Has anyone from the community been able to fix this? Many thanks in advance.
  2. habe meine NCoins sofort erhalten, ist komisch. Aber ich hab ein Post in die Englisches Forums gesehen, dass ein paar Menschen das gleiches Problem haben. Villeicht setzen Sie ein Ticket zum Support-team aus?
  3. When is the update exactly gonna happen? 12AM PST?
  4. I think you should decide on comparetheMEERKAT.com *nudge*
  5. Found the answer!!

    That's good if you want to quit, then please do so as it is your choice. At least it will free up space in the queue
  6. Cross-Server Dungeon Button

    I don't think this is a bug, just a misprint, When you're in the Cross-Server Dungeon (F8), and when you hover the mouse above the exit button, it displays 'Exit Arena Lobby', surely it should be 'Exit Dungeon Lobby'? I can't get an SS atm because of the login queues, but it would be nice to have this altered!
  7. help fast please

    brrrhhhhhh, posts like these send shivers down my spine.
  8. The game does not start

    I'm stuck at login screen too. OH WAIT. THE BETA HASNT EVEN STARTED YET. Please READ the announced dates AND times..........
  9. Oh I see, glad to see it's not just me experiencing this issue. Thanks for your reply! I hope NCSoft can fix this soon.
  10. Hello, I'm sorry if there already is a post about this, I've tried searching but I've had no luck. When I press the 'character information' tab on someone, it takes ages to load or it doesnt load at all.... Especially this is the case when I click on someone who is on my friends list.... /who command shows the same result, doesn't show up at all or takes ages to load... Is anyone else experiencing this issue? most of the people on my faction chat either don't know what it is haha, or just ignore me.... if this is a bug, then is this known to NCSoft?
  11. How many more people are gonna post threads like these..... just please read the CBT announcement dates and times....
  12. Like Kurtlol said: When you open the NCupdater, there will be an option for you to choose what server to choose, North America or Europe. I can't wait for the beta this weekend!! Play on EU servers with like 30ms haha
  13. I want a REFUND on my Founders Pack

    Yep, they are good at processing refunds. I bought tha master pack after I refunded my initiate pack, and all was very smooth - but this was before founders pack upgrades were available....
  14. "Failed to connect to server"

    *Sigh* *Palmface* Please read the announcement dates of the CBT before you make a thread, the next CBT is NEXT weekend, not this one. We all are wanting to desperately connect! Guess we'll have to wait one more week...