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  1. Ice build wants to switch to fire

    This is exactly the way I play. Just spam LMB RMB F, drop Inferno and Meteor Shower when they're off cooldown. You need good ping for it because it's all animation cancelling, but I generally beat everyone for agro that doesn't outgear me.
  2. Why do I not have a belt ?

    You can get a nice belt at JC Penneys.
  3. About that "not censoring the game" thing...

    First thing I thought of:
  4. I rarely see non-bot destroyers anymore.
  5. Every person that comes to Cerulean from Crimson on Jiwan says the same thing: "Wow your faction chat is so much less toxic than Crimson!" Make a better environment, and people will want to stay.
  6. Radiant Ring / Gem Crafting Worthless?

    Diamond crafting aside, Radiant Ring is still bugged. You can't craft accessories at all, and the secret techniques do absolutely nothing. Even if the accessories are worthless, not being able to craft them locks you out of an achievement. Accessory crafting was there in the beta; I have no idea why it was removed for live version.
  7. Is this ban worthy?

    I don't see a problem with it myself. Rather have people doing this than farming lowbies trying out their costumes for the first time. Most of the achievements in this game are just grinding rather than actual accomplishments anyway.
  8. radiant ring has no accs

    Oh it gets worse. I found a cheap Radiant Ring Secret Technique scroll in the marketplace. Used it, and it added... nothing. There are no additional recipes available.
  10. Happy Holidays from the Blade & Soul Team!

    I actually like the EU names more than the NA ones.* I'd much rather play on Windrest or Starfall Crater than Hajoon or Old Man Cho. *Admittedly the French ones are pretty bad. Spider, Monkey, or Pig server? I can't imagine anyone wanting to play on Hogdonny.
  11. movement skills are blocked again FM

    Depends what you're calling a movement skill. If you mean that you can't move with WASD, it's the chill->freeze effect from FM's ice skills. Few ways to deal with it, depending on class. Destroyer and Blade Dancer can spin. Summoner and FM can put up their anti projectile shields. Most class's Q and E skills will work to get out.
  12. Common names banned?

    You should see how long it took me to find a name with "Thick" in it that wasn't being used already.
  13. I play FM, Assassin is hardest to beat and Summoner easiest to beat.
  14. I've been having trouble with sins on FM also. Problem is FM needs a target to use almost all of their moves, so when sin is invisible you can do very little. Kind of funny cause now I see assassin in three out of four arena match but I never see anyone playing them in pve.
  15. Additional Hair Colors GREATLY Appreciated

    They need a gray hair for older characters. You either have to get shiny pure white hair or black hair for everything.