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  1. Seems I'm also unable to connect this time sad :(
  2. Crash Issue

    So you are playing right now ?
  3. Failed To Connect To Server

    I'm also not able to connect currently I'm pretty sure it has gone past 10am pst. Is anyone els playing currently or am I some how messing up the time.
  4. Gamepad

    Why are you using mappers when the in game support allows for camera locking and rebinding of all keys I've even tested my ds4 and it work perfectly fine have you guys even looked in the settings ?
  5. Gamepad

    You guys are crazy the gamepad support for this game is fantastic every key can be rebound all the menu functions work flawlessly. To active it open settings under camera tick the gamepad box it will unlock all the gamepad options.
  6. I've been a long time mmo player using mouse and keyboard for hours at a time till I developed RSI which started to make it near impossible for me to use a Mouse any more, I had to switch to a track ball and couldn't play any of the mmos I loved for so long, so I just want to give my heart felt thank you so much for putting one of the best gamepad support I have come across in quite some time.
  7. Just to put my 2 cent in I'd be happy to pay to expand my wardrobe 5 at a time for 5 pound or something like that.
  8. I just fixed this issue by uninstalling c++ 2015 then restarting the pc and loading the launcher hope it helps