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  1. High Levels Spawn camping people

    I was spawn camped for a good 5-10 mins before I gave up and did a safe respawn, I ran behind some tent put my dobak back on and then rekt them.. guess what happen afterwards? the guys that spawn camped me I spawn camped them until they removed there dobak... Gee Gee I know but then I left the guild I was in b/c I guess getting revenge was making the guild look bad...
  2. PvP is bad without max level cap...

    i did some arena's this pass weekend about 5-6 matchs lose 1 won 4-5 dont remember, I was a assassin at lvl 29 my only lose was against a 38 KFM it was a close 2 rounds but the KFM shit all over me in the tie breaker round.. so saying its impossible is slightly over exaggerating a little?
  3. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    I disagree with you on this.. he wasnt talking about 1 or 2 people buying costumes here and there.. you gotta think of the whole picture.. 10's of thousand of players buying costumes here and there is a ton of damn money.. more then to pay the server cost and there employee's and on top of that you have to take in account all the other items that are being bought.. Example Inventory expansion bags.. hottest Item in the cash shop Hands down!!
  4. Request: FIX THESE THINGS

    b/c you have to dodge at the right time if you are using Q or E, and you cant be serious if you cant take on 3 mobs at once.. unless you talking about the Emerald Village NPC that you fight to get special tokens for Costumes.. but even then those arent even hard to fight.. Get practicing your character is all I can say.. This game isnt just a tank and spank kinda game.. you can't just stand there and take free damage and not expect to die!.
  5. This game is built around PvP... o.O
  6. you do get reward for being sub longer and longer..
  7. Tip on Bank and Closet Bank

    A lot of you already may know this it has been around for awhile.. But take notice on how much it takes to upgrade your bank tab, now look at your Closet tab, cheaper right? Now you may thing its only for outfits but in fact you can store any items in it.. so if your looking to get some bank space go for the Closet tab first unless they are going to fix this but I dont see why since its is this way still in the TW version and i believe the CN as well.. just a heads up..
  8. Can we have a Soul Shield Inventory?

    why you ask? for min/maxing your bopae's aka soul shield pieces.. you really only need to keep high level ones.. for what ever stat you would like to boost.. Crit, Hp, Defense so you can max out your bopae's/soul shield pieces.. but early on bopae's you should break down unless you like the stat that are on it or its an upgrade other then that I wouldnt be saving them at all and breaking them down
  9. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    exactly what i am saying Gamezilla.. if not in costumes then in something else, which would lead to players leaving b/c of the aspect of adding more items to the cash shop to make up for lose revenue that they could make in something else
  10. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    it could go on and on :P but we were having a great debate/argument about something that I guess players feel for in the game and thats what the forums are about.. but I will stop it here with this convo though too.. I will say it was nice to have a argument to the point that neither one of us were getting into it so hard to insult one or another.. anyways i do agree with you anvh, to certain point on comparing price range's for products i/e costumes and what not its like i said in a previous reply.. what works great in another game is one thing but it might not work here with the way the cash shop is going to be set up.. again lets use Tera as an example of the cash shops not the game but the shops.. They might have lower money costumes but then they have alkhest in the cash shop that gives a slight improvement to the rng for upgrading.. so its a win win situation there for them.. what they dont make up for in costumes which they make a TON of money from them.. they make up in loot pets or upgrade alk.. BnS they said they didnt want p2w right? they didnt want anything in the cash shop that would boost the player with cash.. ncoins? So to make up for that they would need to tack on a couple more dollars to whatever they are selling to make up for lost revenue in something else they could be selling that they know that would sell but dont want to sell it b/c they know it would break the game... [EDIT] Sorry for sound like a dyehard tryhard fanboy, but I am really diggin this cash shop and dont want to have it end up like Archeage or Tera or any other game that cash shop break the wallet to compete
  11. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    So i am taking your post as this.. I am not interested in your game B but really am in your game A but why would i pay 2x as much for a costume in game A then I would in game B.. which to me is ridiculous.. You are right everyone compares everything with something regardless of what it is and it carries over to online games your right, but maybe that is what the problem is with the world.. or even yourself(not saying anything bad about you please understand this) people go the extend to even compare them selfs to others and then think life sucks b/c they have it worest or whatever the case maybe.. what works in 1 game doesnt mean it will work in the game your currently playing.. if I made it seem like i have no interest in the cash shop then I am sorry, but from my perspective I dont see anything wrong with the cash shop and I will be buying things in there that interest me whether it cost me 10 or 20 dollars.. if I like it then I will buy it.. to me people want more for the bang of there buck and that is totally understandable but you have to look at it from there end. they have to pay for the servers they have to pay for there employee's and its not cheap.. your argument now is going to be well cheaper is more.. could be.. you just dont know yet.. but using the above example of game A and game B is kinda of reaching dont you think.. you wouldnt be on game A if game B was interesting to you to keep playing, if that makes sense.
  12. We need credd like system in bns or ...

    So your option 2 is not going to work for obvi reasons.. if ncoin is farmable in game then they would never make money from the consumer, thus meaning the game wouldnt last very long or they would have to put in items that would boost a players stats or something that is a high convenience item to move a process along faster then it really would to make up for the lose and even then they would farm ncoins in game to be able to buy those for FREE.. so that would totally not work.. I understand what you want and it would work.. you could have a exchange market for gold to ncoins or ncoins to gold.. with a fix rate of 1 ncoin to 5 gold, or 5 gold for 1 ncoin just as an example of a process of what other games have done for such a market for exchange on real life currency and in game gold. [EDIT] after looking in the news on the site they do infact have this system in tacked already Currency Exchange Link
  13. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    @Weissdorn I understand where you are coming from, but I could use that Tera uses account bound costumes and pets as well, just like BnS and Tera's market is all about costumes.. and I believe if i remember correctly they are priced about the same, I could log on right now and find out if you would like and take you some screen shots.. but I am tired of using other games as examples.. Every game is different and I believe that the costumes are price reasonable, maybe the 20 dollar ones come down to 15 and the lower end 10 but I really dont mind what they are now..
  14. Bidding system

    if the rich win, then you do get something you get the gold from the winner.. so them more you lose the more gold you get.. Iron Tooth x50 drop bidding war happens get up to about 100g you lose party of 4 you would get 33g for losing... I dont see the problem, unless your thinking that if you couldv'e won you couldve sold it on the auction house for 100g then run more dungeons lose so the next time you can try and win
  15. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    @Weissdorn, I was refering to the bottom of his post.. I understand what the whole convo is about I do, I just dont see the problem.. some people using the argument of comparing to moba's or other mmo's.. I dont ever remember LoL selling skins for 5 dollars unless they were on sale, other then that the skins are 10-15 bucks and legendarys were 30 bucks but the 30 dollars ones came with new animations and/or something special... I honestly think its on the price...