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  1. Just take a moment to compare the new mastery bundle to the old: Only thing that's improved is the soul, but literally anything else of value has been removed. Why would anyone pay 20 bucks for a bunch of potions, 30g, and a gem (not even two like in the previous bundle) and mats that are easy enough to get in-game? I get that 75 raven feathers and 125 lunar flowers may have been a bit too much, but completely removing them? Thanks for pushing the article when maint was already on, by the way. Make sure no one could buy the better mastery bundle before patch. :'-)
  2. Do apply. We've a ton of active and most of all fun members, and we're always looking for more people to hang out and play with. The more the merrier. <3
  3. You'll be missed, beta. But now it's time for release, go go!
  4. I'm wearing two different kinds of socks.
  5. Playing TW and watching dramas. Lots of dramas.
  6. Dragon killing event

    I am totally up for this. Going to have to power level to 45 though.
  7. Unable to progress past level 9

    Try reinstalling the game.
  8. Use of Images in Profile in forums

    +1 Post count would be nice, too. or ranks. or both.
  9. Disable premium

    So you don't get to choose when to activate your premium membership? That sucks. I wasn't planning on using my three months right from the start.
  10. Full of Emotions Achievment

    Did you try with F12?
  11. Looking good. This will be the character I'll be using for alpha and cbt. (If anyone wants the presets, let me know. I'll be using a different character come launch, anyway.)
  12. Hah, yes. I was quite amazed considering it was only about two weeks ago someone asked Jonathan about the sandbox system and he said there were no plans of implementing it as of yet though they wanted to.
  13. Really now? Just the NCoin and the 3 months of premium you're getting are worth more than the pack costs. That doesn't include everything else you're getting that you'd normally have to pay for. (Dragon pouches and character slots, for example) Anyway, I'm all for exclusive items for long time subbers (as long as they're no p2w items, obviously). It would certainly make the premium membership more attractive and worth getting and leveling up.
  14. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    Just got my code. See you all in-game. ^_^ (if we get in)
  15. Your prayers have been heard. We'll for sure be getting the web-based profile and market system in our version. From what I've seen on the stream, it looks exactly like the one Korea has.