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  1. How was your alpha experience?

    Welp, I'll see you on Friday Joel XD! Since all people in Alpha 1 will be in Alpha 2, great news! Also cuz I am in the same guild as you :P! But back to topic, I enjoyed Alpha 1, since BnS was announced back in Korea a few years ago I wanted to play it and was really excited for it! As expected I had a lot of fun and it was GREAT! Didn't run to much issues other than the ones I started myself XD and a lag with frame drops, am guessing it's on my end but meh. Can't wait for Alpha 2 :)
  2. Sub and Dub

    I actually would like to see this happen since I really appreciate the original works that the authors came out with and the VA's they chose to be on the project, also the fact that I am a sub over dub kind of person but not because of preference, I have definitely heard good dubs but in terms of skill, passion and motivation I feel like they lack on the western side (not to offend since it's still a heavy effort to do that). For example there were dialogues where it felt the VA was too embarrassed or something was holding him/her back from being in character, that part is what I respect a lot for the counter-parts, the Asian VA's, they put a lot of emotions and vividness to the characters.
  3. Technical Alpha 1 Recap

    I know what you mean, seen another post on the General Discussion, but for that I will leave it to the BnS team to see what they will do about that, hope they come with a good plan and compromise with both type of gamers.
  4. Lol I like this post for its honesty and transparency XD! But I think what Shy0 mention seemed to be true, the game looks out for both end type of users, free and premium while the middle-class get to suffer the most... hope they take notice and make a system that would also consider the casual spenders even though its gonna be more hard work for the team. Thanks.
  5. Got two characters already, one Blade Dancer and an Assassin, was not up to it with the BD but I liked the assassin a lot. Although I won't be playing that character in the next Alpha since I want to test out other classes/races too. Probably, basically decided XD, am gonna make a Gon Martial Artist and a Force Master but race TBD still :P as for Blade Master... it's in the back of my mind but most probably won't be touching for the time being.
  6. While I do agree with the game being more "convenient" with a account-wide bank system, I don't want to be a party-pooper but dislike the idea of having costumes/cosmetics being account bound and all characters getting them, maybe if only the first few character getting the perks that's fine. But honestly having played Tera and many other big MMORPG titles I wouldn't want BnS to be the same nor compared to other titles since it's unique and original by itself. I won't give reasons why or why not since I've been to many topics with such feedbacks in the forum already plus it's also emotionally based for me :T hope this didn't bring down the mood but it's my honest opinion on the matter.
  7. I actually don't mind the price nor that it's account bound since in my experience with mmo's like that they just become plain and bland since everyone has it and you can make all your characters have it too. I would really love it if all the costumes are transferable to other characters so that you can keep costumes if you don't want the character anymore or something happens, if it's already doable then forget I mentioned this sentence XD am already a happy cat.
  8. Cosmetics and character appearance

    Yeah, one of the aspects that blew me away from the game where aesthetics and the art style of the game, didn't really look up who it was that made them (kind of disrespectful from my part, apologies :P), years ago. Pretty bummed to know that the artist separated from the company and hope he succeeds in what he does. Also that outift XD really would like to see it in NA/EU too soon, can't wait!
  9. Opinion on tentative costume pricing?

    I actually think the prices are fair too, you will mostly want to buy the costume you like most, which is what I did in Alpha 1 barely spending any of the NCoins provided even though they are free and will return. I think people are just trying at lowering the prices which in all honesty I would love if it happened but at the end they are cosmetics and just make the game more enjoyable for those that do spend money. Whereas people that do complain that the price is high and that is not worth spending for virtual items then don't spend money on them, that simple, nobody is forcing you nor pressuring you but yourself. Considering how much they have spent on making this game and how much cost they will have to cover in the future I think the price is just right on a financial perspective and an aesthetics perspective, making costumes/cosmetics more treasured and special for people.
  10. Seeing as most tiers on the premiums are focused on the easy-life more comfort and convenience type of thing I got no complains really since they don't affect the gameplay much but does help advance thing's a bit, just a bit, faster. Although I do get how the premium subscription is not very attractive for users that just started or ongoing FTP users.
  11. Lol yep can't wait XD! But I conserved most of NCoins till the end cuz well, not much I wanted t to do and even though the outfits were all good looking nothing really made me go BANG to get it XD except a few but didn't create a character that would fit so I would hold back
  12. inventory overflowing warning

    If it's a bug then hope they fix it, had the same issue opening Soul Shield packs from the Stalker section. If not a bug but pre-emptive message/warning then I hope they can allow the user to control it, it gave me warnings and would not allow me to open extra boxes even if there were enough space to store them, was a bit tedious to open up every other two boxes when I knew for sure I could open more than that, 3 or 4, of the 3-packs or 2 of the 5 packs.
  13. Technical Alpha 1 Recap

    Well overall nice recap and thanks for the heads up on the coming alpha, sad that the daily dash won't be the same but well got to try it first to know how it will become. Also the complains about the wardrobe, I get what people are saying and that their suggestions are logical but in the case of NCSoft I think keeping it for premium only is the right choice since they did mention premium users would get comfort over free users and that also get's people one more reason to go premium leading to a more stable income to cover the upcoming costs for the company. Although I do wonder what happens to the costumes stored in the wardrobe if the subscription ends? They get sent to your account mail, character mail, inventory or bank? If it's inventory, what happens if it's full? Sorry I made this reply a question too but was curious XD Thanks for the hardwork Nico and looking forward to playing with you guys in Alpha 2 ~dskilly
  14. Weapon Skins

    I must say I agree with Rose and Invalid on this one too, when I was playing I did feel like the skins I got were special and didn't want to use them recklessly just cuz since they do provide you with a preview option. But a refund feature would be helpful, even if only 1, so that people are allowed to fix their mistakes/regrets and use it somewhere else would be really helpful :)
  15. I didn't particular dislike it, but it would be awesome if there was a way to hide it, toggle it to show that you are a subscriber or not. Don't really like the idea of standing out much, at least for me, I would appreciate the change. If not, still love the game and I am grateful for the work the team is doing :) EDIT: Saw a post that you can turn off the star XD? If yes then disregard my previous statement... don't really dislike the star otherwise :)