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  1. GTX 970 should have no problem with this game he shouldn't have to lower settings. I'm running 980TI and shouldn't have to lower settings. Just simple 6man runs and my frame rate drops dramatically, I believe some optimization is in order.
  2. Ncoin question For CBT

    Thank you^-^
  3. If i re-roll character for cbt do i loose the items/temp Ncoin I spent with on the deleted character?
  4. [Request] Training Dummy

    Thanks for the info at least I have something to look forward too.
  5. Loving the game so far. I'm wondering if some sort of training mode or training dummy system is in the game. I've been using the purple quest system to practice combos by not completing the quest parameters, but they are relatively low level so we don't have many skills to work with. (Maybe something like this is available at higher levels I only got to 30 something.) If there is no such system I believe it would be a useful addition to the game.