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  1. Julia, Zulia.. or Yulia?

    +1 Made me very sad when you knew the old + the new KR story and then play the NA/EU version. Felt like you've been waiting that your favorite Movie gets translated and the translation doesn't match at all with the original. Try to imagine iconic lines from a Movie and the NCWest localization: “No … I am your father.” – Darth Vader // would be like "Yes ... I will kill you!" - Ebon Fado and I guess Luke would be Lewis..... I mean why even go to great lengths to change plot and character names? I remember they changed the whole back to the past arc with "you will see the past through my eyes" and when you came back the NPCs where like "hey weren't you the guy who saved us 16 years back? <- I lol'd at that point and felt like crying. Sometimes a bit of research wouldn't be too hard... I guess https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mushin_(mental_state)
  2. Alice Outfit

    It's sad that they didn't even let the community decide (like in other regions) and then they made it an easy job to use just the Jin version for Gon and Kun/Yun. Very poor choice. Kind feel sorry for the artist and his time creating this outfit.
  3. Yes the auraring at the back should also apply to the female one.
  4. The thing is, right now Naryu Laby is still in the daily rotation on Sunday, but as further the content goes, the less likely that we will have a Lv. 45 dungeon in the daily quest rotation, so this should be done anytime soon, because farming an old dungeon with crappy drop rate would be just tedious.
  5. I guess I've been patient enough and was wondering what happened to some promised ingame costumes. First off I'll start with this clip from the Blade & Soul Weekly Livestream: Unchained Update - February 18, 2016 @22m30s In this stream you showed us the costume drop from Naryu Laby. You guys (NCSoft West) said that both versions will be in the game and we shouldn't "panic" or "freak out". Well it's been 9 month since then and you didn't put both versions as you promised into the game, further more you also changed the one from the vendor in front of the Dungeon and also changed the one from Naksun/Yukson. Also the white version of Bloody Shark Harbour is still missing to this date. I also wonder who does this "it's to inconsistent, we gonna remove" policy, happened already at the launch of the game, when you changed the base underwear with "it doesn't suit a Martial Arts Game", if I look into my F3 there is a ton of costumes that doesn't belong into the Martial Arts world... so? ... ah and if it's just for character creation, you should have just put it into the preview section or put in some bikini-wear. Not even the Chinese version, that censors the shit out of this game, removes or completely alters existing costumes. If readers still wonder how the original version look like, here from the Korean Site, just scroll down to see preview pictures of both version (male/female): From the vendor in front of Naryu Laby Drop Lightning Ver. Drop Wind Ver. Naksun NPC Vendor in Tower of Mushin BSH white
  6. Same here, did upgrade to Master and Outfit + Headgear + Weapon Skin and 2 Extra Charlot Vouchers are missing.
  7. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Thank you very much, did work for me.
  8. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    From Europe/GermanyYes F2 works, although the Picture upload doesn't work for me eitherAlready did, also ipconfig /flushdns command promtStill doesn't work 3rd day without the marketplace, hope there is soon a solution.
  9. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Yeah that's kinda bad if you run dry on charms and consumable because you can't access the marketplace. Please look into it!