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  1. Was farming for insignia in misty woods when I was suddenly unable to look around or change the direction of my character(I'm playing with Blade & Soul mode). alt+tab and clicking back into the game didn't fix it.
  2. Byebye alpha 2!

    Saw someone say dance-party at Jadestone so I went there :P Went to Bamboo at the end of last alpha though and had just as great a time then as now ^^
  3. Byebye alpha 2!

    I had a great time! Can't wait to return for CBT!
  4. I had the same issue, so I tried to reinstall the game. It now wont reinstall since the installer tries to repair the game, and the repair says that the nc-launcher is needed and has a link that doesn't work to the (supposed) download-page. :I
  5. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    My cursed assassin B) Halloween getup: And here is my Lyn Blade Dancer:
  6. Weird Lag-Like movement Issue

    For me this also happened when sprinting up stairs or sprinting into rooms.
  7. Happened for me too. I would suddenly stop moving during battles just to notice that I had clicked on my other screen, it was really annoying :/