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  1. Dragon killing event

    I totally forgot about this! D: I'll make sure to catch tomorrows. Deioth i sent you a friend request
  2. Dragon killing event

    Don't you need a certain potion for this though that we can't get yet? Or no
  3. Dragon killing event

    I'm down to try this! I'm not really a PvP person but killing the dragon would be really fun to test out :D
  4. Thanks Mushin. I'd really love to know 100% if it really does drop from there or where it actually drops from, so I don't waste any more time.
  5. I hit 45 last Alpha and throughout my leveling, I've been working on crafting and I got to the point where I needed this Technique to progress and to be able to craft important items but it seems like it isn't obtainable right now? Me and my buddy have been grinding the Lycandi's Den dungeon, where it says it's supposed to drop, for about 5 hours straight now and have not seen a thing. Can someone confirm? Or maybe an NCSoft staff look into this.
  6. Not getting alpha keys

    "IF you purchased a Founder's Pack after Monday October 12, there is a chance your payment did not go through by the deadline. Our keys were issued on payment of the Pack. We are currently working on sending out another batch of emails for the folks who fell into this category. You may miss the 10AM massive login queue, but you will get access to the game this weekend. Please do not submit a ticket to CS for this issue; they cannot issue Alpha keys."
  7. Um I believe it's just one. For some reason when you use the Sob command, it actually pops up in a chat bubble that you're using it but I don't believe it's supposed to do that.
  8. The amount of times I've done this is endless >.>
  9. I can agree to this. I really did enjoy the character as she was already but with the new voice she has, it was just awful :/
  10. In-game lag ?

    You weren't the only one. I felt like I would be doing really good with Ani cancelling and then all of a sudden it would stop working. Either that or I just suck Kappa
  11. I know I'm a bit late to this because a lot of things I wanted to mention have already been mentioned lol. The /appluad not working in the daily quest, occasionally seeing floating mobs in random areas/dungeons. Other then that, I don't think there was really anything else that I need to point out. I had an amazing time testing out everything and giving my feedback with surveys in game and after what Omeed just said on twitter, I can't wait to be able to play with all of you once again next weekend!!!!
  12. Applaud Emote bug

    I had this issue as well as probably everyone else in the game. Felt bad that I couldn't do my daily :(