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  1. Demon spirit stone?

    Do you know if it drops from lair4, necro4 and yeti4 still?
  2. Demon spirit stone?

    I need it to upgrade my soul but I can't seem to get it. I know you can just combine the 3 oathbreaker pieces but I have an excess amount of naryu tablets like 50 + I can get a few everyday from spamming 4 man runs. My Alt has a moonwater soul and I just gave all my naryu tablets to it. However, I can't find a Demon spirit stone. A month or 2 ago I ran lair4 and they seemed to drop from time to time. I took a break from the game and came back and noticed it says only Cold Storage under how to obtain. I ran cold storage like 15 times and I never got a single one. Never seen a single one. Its only 1 run per day which makes it difficult. Does lair4, yeti4 and necro4 still drop it? If not, then its going to be a pain to farm cold storage with 1 run per day.
  3. How are bots in Poharan?

    Any idea how it is like compared to Mushin?
  4. How are bots in Poharan?

    Yeah I know every server has bots, but I was on Mushin, the most populated servers, and SSP wasnt polluted with bots.
  5. I want to reroll on Poharan and start fresh. I used to play on Mushin but it was way too crowded and faction chat was terrible. I know Poharan has just as many people, but I just want to start fresh on a new server. I could just reroll back on Mushin, but prefer not to. I heard SSP is dominated by bots on Poharan which is a big concern for me. Mushin never really had a problem with bots in SSP and I was just wondering whats it like on Poharan. A few bots here and there dont bother me, but armies of them is a problem.
  6. Best server?

    That's relieving to known. I really don't want to go back to Mushin. The faction chat on cerulean is legit depressing. I know some people say it isn't any better on Poharan, but at least I can meat new people. I don't mind if there are a few bots here and there, but if there are armies of them, then that's when I have a problem.
  7. Best server?

    I'm not sure which one to pick. I want a populated server, but not too populated. I heard Poharan has less people to an extent, however, SSP is filled with bots unlike Mushin. SSP is something I will be doing in the future so bots are a big problem. However, Mushin has a bigger population so I'm not sure. I used to play on Mushin and I didn't notice a lot of bots at SSP.
  8. I used to play BM before I quit and I was in the middle of the pack with breeze and oath breaker accessories. But it got progressively harder to catch up plus summoners and sin tilted me from PvP. I actually played some other games after I quit and really enjoy playing mages now. I was thinking of rerolling FM. 1. Should i reroll FM or just continue playing my BM? I know people say play whatever you feel is more fun, but I'm scared if I reroll I will be severely behind. 2. Should I reroll onto a different server too? I used to play on Mushin, I was thinking about playing on Poharan if costumes are mail-able between servers and and I decide to reroll. Reason I want to change server is to start fresh, with the exception of my old costumes since they dont gives stats. 3. How is FM PvP and PvE compared to BM? BM tilted me really hard everytime I faced summoners, sins and sometimes destroyers. I was pretty high rank too, top 30 in first season and was on pace for top 30 in season 2 but I quit. 3. Is it a good time to come back? 4. If yes, how hard is it to catch back up from scratch? I used to play Tera and I found it really easy to get back into the middle of the pack. In Tera a lot of old gear did not matter except for VM gear which allows for reduce cost in crafting the new VM gear. VM is basically BiS. Aside from that, new dungeons comes new equips and Tera usually gives u a new set of beginner gear that is capable of clearing the new content for better gear. In BnS, you keep the same weapon and accessories forever, and I feel I have to grind for months before I get back to where I left off.
  9. Currency exchange reset?

    yeah I'm not really patient. I thought it would reset tom but apparently not.
  10. Currency exchange reset?

    Yes. First I tried to sell in larger quanitites like 30g, then tried 3g, but it wouldn't sell. I wanted to cobalt costume which costs 1400 hm coins. I'm not patient so I proceeded to list them 1g at a time. Now I have to wait x amount of hours before I can get it :(
  11. I reached my daily limit yesterday at around 9pm. So I logged back on today and its 1 pm already and it says I reached my daily limit for today. I thought it reseted at the same time as dailies. When will it reset because I really want to purchase more hm coins before the prices drop any lower.
  12. Lag with Bell Canada

    This is the exact same issue that happened with LoL a week ago. Ever since today I started getting around 130ms. I usually played at 60ms. To confirm whether it was a Bell issue, I asked two other friends to check their ping. One friend with Bell had the exact same download speed as me was getting the same ping as me. My other friend with a much slower download speed with Rogers was getting 50ms. Even before the ping spike to 130ms, I was getting 60ms with a much faster download speed (almost 2x) than my friend getting 50ms. I have no idea what's going on. There is clearly an issue with the Blade and Soul connection with Bell Canada. Before i actually received around 40-50ms when I pinged with BnS servers. Now I am getting 60ms and currently its 130ms since this morning. I thought my jump from 40ms ~ to 60ms was normal but when I found out I had 10ms higher than my friend using Rogers while having a much higher download speed than him, I thought twice. No there is no traffic within my home network from other family members using atm, neither does my friend also with Bell.
  13. Im sitting around 1500-1600 and i find it really hard to beat any classes. KFM: their Q and E gives them 1 sec of iframe after use while mine doesnt. This allow to be avoid my cc and then cc me after. I can beat them from time to time depending if they make a mistake. Destroyer: They are just too tanky. They can easily survive my whole combo. The round can last up to 2 minutes but he eventually widows me down. Plus idk how to counter their grab. I can use V to escape 1 grab, but they grab me 2 more time before it goes off cd and then im dead. FM: I can beat them consistently unless they are a god. But I have trouble with their constant grabs and throws into cc chain. Sin: I cant seem to do anything unless I get a really good opener and they burn tab early. When my cc is back up, they either have flower down or their tab is back up. Even if I save my tab for their web, lightning slash combo, bomb combo, They just restealth and cc me with LMB after. Plus I find it hard hitting them in stealth as their LMB and lightning slash outranges my tab, 3. Also they can just poison me and I can't block. LBM: I have some success against them, but their spin to win makes it difficult for me to cc them. Once they activate their Z, they can just press X and go through my block and then proceed to cc chain me. Summoner: By far the hardest class for me. I cant really burst their cat down and if I focus cat, I get chunked. If I go after the summoner, I get cced. Even if their cat is dead, I find it really hard to get onto them. They just keep stealthing. I know you arent suppose to him them when they have a dandelion on them, but they still have many other ways of escaping. They just keep ktiing and ccing. I can't seem to find any counter play. I just feel like I do not damage compared to other classes. When KFM does their full combo, they just constant animation cancel and youre dead if tab is down. Destroyer just turns on rage and press RMB two times. FM just constant snares and prevent movement spells. LBM uses lightning and animation cancels and youre dead. Sin full combo takes a bit longer to kill compared to kfm, lbm, destryoer, but they can cc for so long and cant move at all. When I'm playing BM, I feel like theres no damage as its just LMB between ccs. No animation cancels or anything. I only feel like I'm doing some damage when I RMB in draw, but you can only press that a few times before you need to switch stances and go back into normal stance. Plus a lot of my cc are knockdowns or dazes so they just press F. Blademaster have a lot of cc, but I just can't kill them as there just isn't damage. Like LBM doesnt have a lot of cc, but their lightning LMB F animation cancel combo can 1 shot people really quickly.
  14. Well it says nvidia kernel drivers have crashed or something. So I'm pretty sure its gpu.
  15. Thing is, my 970 runs everything else fine. Except mmo's. I already rma my card once because it was faulty and just crashed and burned. Would be depressing if the one I got back from rma was faulty too. But my drivers only crashed in mmo's. My first card crashed while in Tera, however, when it crashed, it didn't recover unlike the one I have right now. I only crash in the lvl45 dungeons when there are a shit load of mobs. Aside from that, I don't crash.