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  1. Apparently the red faction got all the botters.. Every channel is filled with blues and every group you see has about 3-6 blues... Finding a Red feels like finding someone after the apocalypse and when you do find one they are pretty much useless.
  2. Why can't we take a low level character into arena with all skills unlocked? It would be nice to mess around on some alt characters without having to get them to level 45 just for skills in pvp arena.

    Yes please add a shared storage tab to the bank.. Maybe add in 2-3 tabs that I can put into my shared account and have regular bank accounts between characters :)
  4. [Suggestion] Invulnerability Timer

    Just take off your uniform... Switch channels.. or come back at a later time... Or find some people to take them out..
  5. Request: FIX THESE THINGS

    dumbest post ever
  6. High Levels Spawn camping people

    Just switch channels... or take off your pvp outfit... or come back later.
  7. I will be running around killing monsters and it happens once every 5 minutes but my character will start walking backwards without me touching any buttons... I have to push all the arrow keys to make it stop auto running backwards... Anyone else have this issue? I am using a mad catz strike 3 keyboard and razer molten edition mouse drivers are updated. This issue only happens in Blade and Soul.
  8. NC Soft launcher issues

    Wow ok really weird.. but if I check the box "remember me" then i can type in my stuff and login zero issues.. If that box is unchecked it crashes / closes the first key i type.
  9. NC Soft launcher issues

    I am also on windows 7 and played alpha 1 with no issues at all.
  10. NC Soft launcher issues

    oh wait nevermind I was reading can as can't.. but yeah really annoying issue :*(
  11. NC Soft launcher issues

    Yeah thats the one i am talking about :)
  12. NC Soft launcher issues

    I tried uninstalling the launcher and the blade and soul... I went to install it again and it installed the launcher. But its doing the same thing when I go to type any letter in the password or login box it crashes. Please help
  13. NC Soft launcher issues

    When I click Blade and soul application it opens up the NC soft launcher and when I go to enter my email or password to login... As soon as I start typing it closes out. Any ideas?
  14. Alpha Experience, the good and the bad.

    Nicely done. What other ways were faster for leveling? I got to level 25 and felt like doing quests was probably the faster option..