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  1. Looking to buy 90 day premium for 1.8k, hit me up if you're interested ign: Vincent Bloom Discord:MiraBloom#0486
  2. Min/max Soulsheild

    Does anyone have an updated google docs with the min/max soulshield stats or know of a website that contains that information?
  3. I personally love this idea, I know that there are other versions that can be utilized for doing this but I'm also aware that many people including myself have a lot of trouble with the other versions when it comes to the download, updating, patching, etc. I did use the TW version before the NA one came out but have received nothing but error code after error code from it since. I have spent a great amount of time searching and using fixes for many different error's and everytime I fix one another simply appears in it's place. So although not absolutely needed having a character creation up on the NA version would be greatly helpful to people like me. ^_^
  4. Hongmoon Store Prices

    I agree with the overpriced value of the training expansion ticket, that being said I did buy one but I bought it with hongmoon coin that I got from the first alpha when the daily dash was broken and gave you everything instead of just what you landed on. If it wasn't for the fact that I got about 2.5k hongmoon coin in the 2 alpha's I would have never bought it.
  5. OMG YES!!! I don't like about 95% of the costumes in this game simply because the costumes preset colours class with my characters features, with the option of colour change my life would be complete!
  6. Clan Organization

    I noticed during the CBT that when you organize the clan members on the main page you have the option to do it by name, level, class, etc. There happens to be two options for 'level', the second level in the drop down menu is for organizing members according to their rank in the clan. Just wanted to point that out, wasn't sure if it was supposed to be 'rank' or not.
  7. Typo's

    During my time in the first weeks alpha I noticed a few typos in the survey's, it was just a letter missing from one or 2 survey's but I figured I would point it out. Also when you hover over some of the weapons for breakthrough and look at the location in which you retrieve or farm the weapon it gives the wrong name for a location since some of the location names have been changed.