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  1. Bots in Arena

    100% solo? That's kinda sad... I wanted to start with friends again and hut through the Dungeons. How is the gameplay? Playing to almost max lvl with the story then daily login to enter the dungeon lobby and run always the same dungeon? Any PvE grinding in the outside map to get eqippment?
  2. Bots in Arena

    Hello Guys I played Blade & Soul kinda a while ago. The Yeti Instance was back then new. I was thinking about to play again... but I remembered that one of my reasons to quit was the massive amount of bots in the PVP arena. For a old man like me it was nearly impossible to beat those bots. :/ How is that today? Is that issue solved? General other question: Are there still ppl in the lower lvl area or do I have to lvl up solo without managing any instances (cuz I can't do them solo)?
  3. Make Founder Packs upgradeable

    Ye, I was also thinking about to upgrade my pack and didn't know if and how this is possible. waiting your reply^^
  4. XP gain

    @Erza Scarlet: I actually think, because of the fast lvling it's similar to all new MMOs out there. Whenever a new MMOs is released, I heat ppl saying: "YAY, I reached in 3 days max lvl.. wohoo" WildStar was also like this... Logging in and after a few weeks ya hit max lvl... *not impressed* I admit, the gameplay itself is different and I like it. I like sometimes a bit farming and grinding -.- In old times it was stuff like "Hey, let's rock through Lair of Antharas, just for fun" Now is everyone busy to follow his quest line till max lvl... nobody got time for some clobbing with Cally :,( I hoped NCSoft would go a bit back to L2 dificulty. Ah well... I'll try it, maybe it's not so bad in the end. Atleast I waited 7 Years for it's release.
  5. XP gain

    ... hmm... this would lead to a other question. What do we do in Blade and Soul? O.o I'm used that I'm busy for 2 month grinding parts for a armor craft... after that grinding 2 months for the weapon... Blade and Soul offer such a nice gameplay... but if ya hit max lvl in a week... ppl will start playing somthing else after the first month when they have 4 chars on max lvl. >.<
  6. XP gain

    Toodles Folks. I looked through the actual Topics and the FAQ, but I couldn't find anything that matches my question. Is the expirience gain in Alpha/Beta extremely increased? After 2h easy gaming I was already lvl 10. Friend got in one day 2 Charakters above lvl 24. If the game is released I don't want to be max lvl in one month. O.o There would be some challange missing. I'm used to the old Lineage 2 style (C2 - Gracia Final). I know that this Blade and Sould Version has been modified for the western region... But does it have to be really that easy? Kind regards, Cally