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  1. Just a nitpick I have with basically any game that has audio notifications that you can't turn off... As I just learned, turning off the system voice entirely isn't the ideal solution because it's used for other things that might be important (up to and including the character speech previews in the character creator even). It would be SO NICE to be able to turn off that damn audio notification every time a clan member comes online. In fact, please give us the ability to disable any and all audio notifications individually.
  2. Character creator voice preview not working

    Cool thanks, that's actually exactly what it was. I turned off the system voice because I got sick of the constant notifications of someone coming online. On that topic, is there any way to turn that off without muting the system voice?
  3. Some new performance issues

    During the alphas and previous beta, the game ran relatively fine for me. Now though, I have much more framerate drops than before and also some noticeable lag. I doubt this is because there are more people, because there was no queue to even get into the server like there was in the last beta.
  4. As title says, voice previews in the character creator no longer work. This worked fine during the alpha and previous beta.
  5. No 4k screenshots?

    Just something I noticed when going through my screenshot library.. It seems that even though I was playing at 4k, all the screenshots I took are 1440p (2560 x 1440). Is there any reason for this, or is this a bug?
  6. Mob spawn rate increase when population high?

    Yeah Teebee that's a good idea! The first person to land the hit can get the loot for all I care, but everyone else who contributed gets the quest credit and any quest loot that may have dropped.
  7. I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to increase the spawn rate on mobs when there are a lot of players around competing for the same quest mobs. And before anyone says "just group up, this is an MMO you should interact with the other players" know that I TRY, but the number of people who ignore or refuse group invites is quite staggering. It's as if players here in NA don't realize that grouping up will make everyone complete the quest faster and get out of there sooner.... For an extreme example, there was the quest to kill those guardians in front of the golden deva. Had to kill 7 of them, but only 4 spawn at a time every few minutes (at least it seemed that long, the deva respawned faster than they did). That would be bad enough, if not for the fact that you are competing with multiple other people waiting for the same spawns (and refusing to group up). Change channels, same situation. It would be nice if you could implement a system that tracks how many people with a quest to kill those mobs are in an area and increase their spawn rate accordingly (to some upper limit, cause you know trolls would mess with this), but I understand if that would be too difficult. But either way, increasing the spawn times in general would probably not be bad as long as the enemies wait a few seconds after spawning before becoming aggressive. That would mean a lot less standing around waiting for easy trash mobs to spawn, and a lot more actually playing the game.
  8. Friends List Incorrect Online Status

    I noticed that what seems to happen is that their status never updates when they go offline. For example if you were to exit the game and then get back in, they would correctly appear offline. But once they come online, they will appear online to you until you go offline and come back.
  9. Warrior's Wares quest text bug

    When first getting the quest, in Stillbrook Monastery, the text is just "null".
  10. Crab hunting quest bugged?

    Weird, they must just hate me. I went down there again, and they were always spawning around other people, but I could stand there for minutes (killing the small crabs or not) and nothing. Kept doing this even after restarting the quest.
  11. When I use a ranged attack on the kung fu master dummies at the top of the stairs, while I am further down the stairs, they use their jumping attack to get into melee. When they do this, it looks like they jump straight up and down and then just teleport next to me.
  12. Crab hunting quest bugged?

    I killed 50 of the regular crabs with a harpoon gun, then the gun went away and I couldn't pick up another one. Still says I need to kill some giant crabs with the harpoon gun, but no giant crabs ever spawned.
  13. Voice mixup with Old Man Cho

    On chapter 17, when you meet him in the cave with the masters, his first line of spoken dialogue is switched with an earlier quest (the one where he asks you to give him some food). The on screen text is correct. The same is true for the earlier quest, he says the line from chapter 17.