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  1. Dead Reckoning Set...

    personally im happy they're doing this im an old mid tier (disciple) founder that stopped playing after soul fighters release due to optimization issues (about a year ago a bought a new high end desktop and the game started runnin like shit lol ) but i had always wanted to be a top tier founder so as someone who at the time couldnt obtain quick draw this is like a minor blessing for me (saves me from spending $$$ right off the bat for an outfit for a new character)
  2. Queue time lying?

    Im just gonna leave one example for anyone complaining about the queue times, Archeage 2015 Any New game that comes to NA that is HIGHLY anticipated is going to have INCREDIBLE queue times, especially during the peak gaming hours of the region. for everyone complaing that "free players are treated unfairly" Get used to it! thats how it is on EVERY f2p mmo with a subscription service, People that pay will get something that you do not. For blade and soul one of those benefits is a reduced queue/ queue priority. Be patient and wait, or just dont play at all. You are all complaining like every mmo ever before this has never had some kind of "game breaking" issue for the first month or so of its launch