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  1. Learning the game is one thing, nerfing the majority of us who aren't whaletacular to fresh level 40 stats, doing under 10k dps to a level 56 boss that has a very large hp bar is another. A lot of us can't finish the dungeon without poharan enraging and wiping over and over. The steam lever also doesn't work as it does in the regular poharan fight, which means if we aren't lucky we all take huge, unavoidable damage each time she does this aoe. My level 36 LBM almost has as much hp as I have in this dungeon. I'm all for mechanics and pulling through dungeons, but there's a point where it's
  2. I'm not a whale by any means.. my main is 1080 ap. In the dungeon I am 320-something, and that would be just fine if I had a decent amount more hp than my level 36 LBM. Getting killed in two hits by a regular mob was never the case in this dungeon, even on hard mode. As I said, I know my mechanics, I used to do 4-man all the time. But mechanics only take you so far before you enrage with a 6-man party of fresh level 40 stats. I'm ecstatic that you were able to find a composition that worked for you, but not every single person going into this dungeon is going to have that lineup.
  3. Damage does matter when you can't kill a boss before they enrage. I've never once had poh enrage since I started playing the game in 2013, until today after this was implemented. Of course mechanics matter, I'm not an idiot, I've ran this dungeon probably a thousand times. Doing mechanics 100% perfect doesn't matter if you don't have the damage to beat the timer. Get together a party of players who are probably 200 or more attack lower than your character and tell me it's doable. An event shouldn't be something that only the higher players can do without issues. And I do know how to
  4. Unless you have a party of people who are originally 1200-1300 ap this dungeon is nearly impossible right now. I was just in a party with two HM 17s and a HM 18 with 1200-1300 ap and we wiped poh about 6 times, and she enraged twice. I have 1080 ap and in Realmrift I'm nerfed down to 326 with 10k hp. At level 45 cap on my first character after release I had 450-ish ap and 17k hp. Something isn't right here. This is much harder than 4-man used to be. This is ridiculous. I thought I was going to be able to finally get an obsidian.
  5. I know this was brought up early last year. but I haven't seen anything about it since. Are these ever going to be available any other way than trying to solo farm? Nobody does Zaiwei Ruins at all anymore, and I really want to be able to get this outfit.
  6. Hey everyone, I've experienced this quite a few times after reinstalling the game, including tonight, which is why I'm writing this post for anyone who might have the same issue. This error blues out your screen and tells you that windows ran into a problem and needs to restart, often saying "critical process died" or "unexpected store exception", then your PC proceeds to restart, and so on. This error happens after clicking the play button as the Xigncode window begins to load up. I know this error is very frustrating and I almost quit playing BnS altogether when I didn't know how to res
  7. None of the solutions have worked for me thus far, but upon deleting the entire bin folder and doing file repair I didn't get a BSOD but my pc just automatically restarted. Something really weird is going on with this game and my pc. Replacing the bin file with the posted one on the thread reverted my launch back to BSOD
  8. Hey, to answer you I got a hd and ssd, the ssd shows ejectable but my os and bns are on my hdd. Before I reset windows wednesday night bns was installed on my ssd and the same issue. Running windows 10 home premium x64
  9. I've tried everything and beyond what I can think of. Support is trying to help through my ticket but I assume all of you are getting the same run-through of trial and error. I am at my wit's end, and I'm just going to leave it alone altogether until they figure out what the hell is going on. All of our RAM sticks couldn't have just "went bad" mysteriously and coincidentally at the same time that NC implemented a new patch. Telling us that our hardware is the issue makes no sense.
  10. I do want to note though that on several occasions upon launching Blade and Soul my pc has gone directly to a BSOD saying "your pc has run into an issue and needs to restart" with the reasons of "critical_process_died" or "unexpected_store_exception", just in case it can help anyone. I don't know how the client is causing these errors, but I'm fairly certain it is. As I mentioned before, I am able to run other high intensive games perfectly fine but since the update this has been happening with BnS.
  11. Sorry I haven't been able to get a solution. If I had some extra hardware laying around (ram, psu) I could get that out of the equation, but I'm very doubtful any of my hardware is even slightly bad. In the meantime I've accepted no bns and that I paid for premium I can't use until a solution is found.
  12. There has to be something in common with our installations or setups or something. I had the game fully installed via SSD earlier when this first started happening, then after resetting windows and reinstalling, it installed in my C drive by default, and still got the error. So likely not a drive issue but maybe a registry issue. If somehow something was uncarefully changed in the registry with this last update then the BSOD would make more sense.
  13. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone rn I just renewed my premium the other day and I haven't even been able to get in once today :l
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