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  1. www.aywgames.com is the players name. It's spamming in party search on Juwol (NA) and it won't stop spamming. When you try to block them it says "Player can not be blocked", and you can not report them, delete them, mute them, nothing. It's so bad you can't even see chat. The spam is happening every 1 second. Someone needs to actually get onto the server to remove this guy .
  2. As said above, if you alt tab on a loading screen your game crashes or freezes. Having double monitors and there being no "Windowed Fullscreen" mode yet this is a bit obnoxious.
  3. I went to go upgrade my bag slot, and I have the money to do so. When I was doing that I accidentially close my inventory, however the "YES NO" window remained up. I clicked Yes, nothing happened. Reopened my inventory, tried to upgrade again "YES NO" appearing, and it refuses to let me upgrade. I logged out, still bugged. It's permanently not allowed me to upgrade my bags. Added: Can't seem to reduplicate this error now, however after spamming Yes a bunch it finally did upgrade. There was a 20 second delay before it did, and no it wasn't lag related.
  4. Warlock items and weapons are dropping however there's no warlocks.