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  1. Last week Alpha test along with this one, I've been stuck on loading screen and can't get pass 1/4 of what is left. I can some what get by in different regions why end task the game, relaunch and I'm on the other side of the region. But due to the Bandit's hideout I can't get in. So even If i move to other maps there no quest for me. I've even tired end task but nothing seems to work. I've restarted my computer and connection is find. Its only changing map's/or getting into dungeons that is a problem.
  2. Random Audio missing for me too. Music background voice of my character, it was like it was mute.
  3. Loading screen problem

    I left it for 1 hour, then i force end it and relaunched the game.
  4. Cursor is not window locked

    Same, While in mid-battle the mouse moved out of the game and clicked on my programs on my task bar. And on another note, when I zoom in to point of view i was stuck and couldn't zoom back out. I tired changing keys and mouse. It was fixed when i got out to character screen and logged back in.