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  1. Race change from jin to lyn

    Long answer = There is no Lyn blade master. So you can't change your blade master to lyn " blade dancer " it's a different class. When you use the voucher it will show only available race for Blade master, which is only Jin, and Yun. Short answer = It will not work.
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    I hope there's no roll back >.<
  3. Popular Names

    Kungfu xxxxx Assassin xxxxx Force xxxxx Xxxxx assassin Sin Xxxxx Punch xxxxx Xxxxx Blade Blade xxxxx Xblade Xsin Xpunch
  4. ♦ Gaming marathon post

    Nice guide! I think op meant for discussion to be about. What else can you do to stay healthy while you playing video game for a long period of time. So, to follow what (I think) was meant to be in discussion. I would add electrolyte on top of Water intake. Similar to when you work out. You don't want to over hydrate and dilute all of your minerals in the body. Also power nap would help and make it much more tolerable, 15~30 mins in about every 6~8 hrs or so. Do it as a team or partner up with your friends/family/battle buddy. So while you take a nap, He/she can hold the fort. They can either catch up with their gears upgrade, crafting, or small tasks while you nap. Then when you are up to go back. They may take a nap too, and let you catch up with other small tasks that you may do while waiting for both of you to be ready for the next quests/ leveling session. I've done this before with my military friends. But since we used to work/train for multiple days straight w/o sleep. It's kind of work for us. But it might not work for you. Make sure your health can handle it, which will make a lot of different. That's just my 2 cents...
  5. I understand. However We do have one of the officer member who like to buried himself in PVP arena all day (He also a gold player). There's nothing wrong with that XD What we usually do, we give him support on the PVE part when he need. So he doesn't have to go through hassle of finding random group for PVE content. If you guys play style match and have fun together well enough. We might expand the PVP squad of the clan in the future. Especially for end-game hardcore big faction content. That might be something you like. Keep us in mind ^^
  6. Hello, You might be interesting in Ookii Neko. We are small clan with no restriction. We give our member the freedom of play time however they would like. We are big about end-game contents. We will be tackle hardcore on raiding, dungeon, faction, arena, and every other aspect of end-game contents. Feel free to check our recruitment post and see if we might be the clan you looking for!
  7. Hello, You might be interesting in Ookii Neko. We are small clan with no restriction. We give our member the freedom of play time however they would like. We are big about end-game contents. We will be tackle hardcore on raiding, dungeon, faction, and every other aspect of end-game contents. Feel free to check our recruitment post and see if we might be the clan you looking for! Recruitment post. We using TS3 for communication. but it's not require until later on in the game contents.
  8. Ookii Neko (*Tl;Dr version are at the end of the post.*) We are : Small clan who start off from family and close friends get together and play many MMO for very long time. We are looking for people who like to play mostly solo or with small group but when we need to conquer big dungeon, faction, events. We can always count on each other to help out. We will mainly focus on PVE aspect but will tackle on Faction, PVP in a heartbeat when our member in need of help. We play Hard : We don't care to be the best(if it happen then that's great!), but we will play hard. Will do everything hard! PVX Hard! We will help each other learning quests, dungeon, boss, crafting, guild crafting, and any others aspect of game play mechanic to successfully complete quest and tasks that the game giving us. We will conquer the daily quests, dungeon, boss, faction, PVP, etc... whilst still enjoying the game and the company of each other. But this doesn't mean we will throw everything real life relate out the window. No no no... We will play hard as long as our real life business taken care of. Our experiences : We have been playing Blade and Soul in other region since CN server and TW server for some of us. We are packed with experiences of the game in many aspects. We don't mind to help or give out advice if you needed, or even take any advice from you either. We help you. You help me. everybody happy ~~ Our Requirement : We will be in Mushin Server/Cerulean Order. We don't have any strict rules or requirements. As long as you are a decent human being and don't be a Dbag to other clan members then you are welcome. We have no ages or Level requirement as long as you are being respectful, mature, team player, open mind, and don't rage quit for simple mistake. Our play time : We understand that people have their real life to worry about. So do we ! The main leader/officer are from PST~EST time zone, but because we also have some other country people in our clan. Since we are start from Eng/Thai base clan. We will have people who will be playing from UTC +01:00 ~ UTC +07:00. We are pretty much will have somebody online most of the time. So you can find our clan member who will help out in quests, dungeon, etc... VOIP : We will be using TS3 for our communication. We do not require you to be on TS3 all the time or at all in the beginning. But later on in End-game dungeon and some contents. You will be require to participate in TS3, mainly because it will make it smoother to communicate in the chaotic of the end-game contents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q/A : What is Ookii Neko mean ? Its mean " Giant Cat " I'm a noob can I Join ? Yes you can. as long as you willing to learn, willing to play hard, be respectful, and have fun. Don't count on us to carry or holding your hand through every quests and map. Because we want you to enjoy learning some of the game aspect yourself. But if you need dungeon help because other people being a Dbag, nobody on dungeon queue at that moment, you need help learning dungeon/boss/quests mechanic or there's nobody want to hang out with you. Then we will be there to help! I'm a pro/Vet player can I join ? Yes you can. And just like above, as long as you willing to share your experience with us, be respectful, and have fun! Enlighten us anything that we might not know, or just simply want to have fun with the small clan like us when you feel like to. Like we said above, if you like to mostly solo or just play with couple of friends. But will need trusted, knowledgeable, countable clan member to help when need. This is might be the clan for you! Will I get kick if I'm not online for too long ? Well.... it's depend... if you online for 3 days and then disappear for 3 months, and we need a space for other member, then probably Yes. We will try to contact you anyhow, if that failed then we will take you off the list. However if you come back and would like to join back (and we have open space) Then you are more than welcome to get back in. Other than that, play whenever, however you like. How do I join ? Who do I contact ? Our main body will be start play at Head start. So if you are too. Then that's great! So make sure you pick Mushin, and Cerulean Order for faction (Blue). Then We will be update our main body Character name after the 11th of January. Submit your application through these link. Application (Apply Here)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tl;Dr Clan Master : CurryCurry Clan Officers : Dragky, Pudding Faction : Cerulean Order Clan Focus : PVE, PVP, Community, Friendly, End-game Hardcore!!! Server : Mushin Requirements: Team player, mature, open mind, willing to learn, and have fun together! TS3 preferred but not required. Applications: Application (Apply Here)
  9. [Suggestion] Option to unsummon cat

    Why don't we just have the way to turn the cat off of the screen like, Title, Name, HP bar, etc... in the option menu ? That's way It doesn't change the whole skills tree system, so skills doesn't have to be re-balance. All you have to do is just press " O " and go over the option and uncheck " Show summoner pet " or something like that. That will completely fix the cat mess up with screenshot pics issue. For those who play summoner but doesn't want to have cat to fight with, then you just have to go through the hard way of kill cat off and hopefully doesn't accidentally call it back ( Which is not that hard to prevent since it take couple of sec in animation before you can successfully bring cat back ) The class is meant to be 2 (you can cat) as one, BFF4ever, or whatever. You yourself can only do so much, the cat by itself can only do so much. Even though it look like 2vs1 Cheater, whatever all that bs that ppl are complaint about. In the end whoever play summoner will know that, You and your cat need each other to complete as a class. So just kill the cat if you wanna " solo " or play different class.
  10. Game down?

    Same thing happen to me. The party was in x-server dungeon and all of us got DCed.
  11. I wish they would be put away weapon button or something. Because sometime when this bug happen. the whole party have to use " Escape " and run back from entrance of dungeon to continue. I've seen it happen at random and not the same dungeon all the time. but mostly happen in the dungeon. So instead of going to every dungeon to fix the bug. My suggestion would be put away your weapon button in dungeon or something along that line.
  12. Attack Delays/Lag

    My clan members are having these problem also. They cant access auction house with Win 8.1 and Those who has Win 10 got hit with massive lag, rubber banding and drop in Ping. Some of them have to go back and reinstall Win 7 for it to be bearable to play. But It would be nice if the issue is fix.
  13. I agree with Kounat. Soon enough people wont even notice the different.