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  1. Summoners too OP

    Its not something special to win against 50 lvl + on low lvl. Lots of players do only pve they don't like arenas. And at some point they must start to doing them to buy skill or mats for pellet. Summoners are strong in early play and when you against someone who is bashing keyboard without thinking it's easy win. Even skill points doesn't help you if you dont know what you are doing and don't have much experience :)
  2. Summoners too OP

    Maybe level a little. You are lvl 28 vs 50 + 6 HM summoner, you have not enough skill points.
  3. Server Down?

    :( :( :(
  4. Server Down?

    Again :( :(
  5. [Recent] EU launcher issue

    Same here on Windrest :(
  6. 85 bytes, takes forever

    Me and my friend have the same problem.
  7. Now It's only few days before game release. I think it's really disrespectful to fans and all founders to leave topic so old without clear statement. For say the truth when I watch B&S Staff on streams or read twitter I think "Wow they are so cool, they are listening what we have to say, it looks like they really care." But after 13 weeks and 43 pages I have mixed up feelings now. I will always remind myself this situation after looking on my cowboy costume feeling sad. Not because we didn't get what we want, but because You never clearly responded to us.
  8. Happy Holidays from the Blade & Soul Team!

    What can I say, I am little sad :( Firstly we didn't get alpha tests for EU, now this not really good names. But my biggest disappointment is costumes. NA get Cowboy, Russia get really amazing red one specially made for them but EU don't get one in european style :(
  9. Wave Goodbye to Closed Beta - Entry Thread

    Thank you all for wonderful CBT time ! See you soon :D
  10. Disconnect from the Server while in a loading screen

    I didn't have this problem in previous CBTs but in this is nightmare :(
  11. Cannot upload profile picture no matter what

    I have the same problem :(
  12. Game Freezes at Character Selection

    After updating Windows 10 with this new big update I have exactly the same problem. Thank You for workaround :)
  13. Failed to upload character photo

    Hello I have seen that problem with marketplace and character info tab take place in previous CBTs. In my case I still have ongoing problem with character info tab, my marketplace works great and smooth. Loading this tab takes ages and each time I tried to change my photo I got message "Failed to upload character photo". Maybe someone have that problem and find a solution? Please help because I tried everything that was posted in other topics. I have everything up to date and tried to use character info on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 with the same result. :( -EDIT- My primary server location is EU, but I just log into my NA account from alphas and CBT1 to look how F2 works there. It works flawless ! No loading lag, upload picture without failure. What is this problem, how to repair this ?
  14. Please don't do it :( This event will be so fun and flooding chat with a question which they don't wan to answer it's pointless. Tommorow special event it's not a place to do this. Watch stream, cheer for players and have a good time.
  15. This topic was created in time of first technical alpha. I follow it closely and still after all this time there is no official response. I see repeatedly that topics with much less attention got answers. This is disappointing, really disappointing :(