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  1. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Yep been to real life as a government contractor and enjoy wasting money on my needlessly expensive car. A car 1/3 the price would get me to work too but I enjoy it. The reason I can afford it is because I did not throw money away gambling for a chance to buy the car I just bought it for a set price. I also enjoy digital games which give me hours of entertainment on the cheap and to this day have never bought a lottery box and I played rift which has a metric ton of them. The difference between someone who buys useless trivial items for a set price vs someone who pays for a chance at it is one is an idiot the other is not.
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    This is the reason they do it complete morons that will spend truckloads of money to feel special. I miss the days where you saw a set of armor or mount and you asked where did you get that? and the response was something in the game not "Spent $200"
  3. Ah the "I don't care about anything and it doesn't bother me defense." Well with that argument we must all be wrong pack up the thread boys this guys opinion has decided for us. Seriously though you and a few before you came all this way to post nothing constructive to the topic other than "No big deal". Maybe it wouldn't be 34 pages had people only posted if they wished to contribute to the topic You didn't use the potions, you didn't use the hammers, you didn't care for the costumes. You just argued for not buying a founders pack at all as it makes no difference. Me personally I believe for some the masters pack is of great value its easily worth the money. But for those who buy founders packs for the convenience items they will be in for disappointment we were misled by every previous founder program not nickle diming their founders. The per dollar value has been broken down if a set "bang for buck" value is all you care about its worth the buy. But if you were expecting the bag space and convenience items on every character get a refund. If it were me I would make the convenience items weapon skins and bag slots per character and please everyone and sell more packs instead of getting greedy and nickle diming founders. Theres no short supply of unlimited digital items and account flags the assumption is people will make alt characters and buy bag space and the like but I believe it only lost them money.
  4. On the plus side they are very quick and professional with the Refund I got my refund processed and in paypal within the same day on a weekend, was impressed.
  5. Their silence on the matter is the fact that they are too greedy to do what every other founder based MMORPG has done. Sure they could give all your characters the bag space and nifty things for supporting the game pre release OR after you roll a second character do you realize "Hey where are my founders perks?" they have your money and if your hooked your going to pay all over again This has been brought up since day 1 of closed alpha and notice all other voiced concerns received a by name response (i.e sub only wardrobe) and the overwhelmingly silent response is their "Cant tell you we are greedy that will be a PR nightmare so we will just ignore you all" **edit Also going through process of Refund $125 a drop in the bucket but on principal alone not going to support this behavior
  6. Bidding system

    Funny you say doctor where in your world you could be bleeding out seriously needing attention (seriously needing that item upgrade) and another guy walks in with a hangnail with more money and gets to see the doctor first. A better analogy to apply to the situation is you have a job and you have an ebay business. The job is the dungeon and the ebay business is the economy they are separate of eachother but each rewarding. You put the same effort as everyone else in the job and do nothing to set yourself apart, your ebay business is thriving which makes you feel succesful. When it comes time for promotion they choose someone else based on their arbitrary system. You feel that your efforts outside of work (in this case your efforts in the game economy outside of the dungeon) warrant a higher pay grade or position of authority. Where in reality the profits from the ebay business in and of themselves are rewarding and have no bearing on your job. Playing the market, earning gold, making allies with crafters should earn you all kinds of benefits in the actual economy. Loot table items only found in group content are earned in the content not outside of it. The only effort that should matter in a dungeon is group effort not individual effort outside of the dungeon. This fundamental design of every other MMORPG matches the group effort and teamwork being equivalent to eachother. The guy who spends more time playing can spend more time trying to get that RNG drop as he has more time to run the dungeon however if Casual Tim same class as you just happens to run 1 dungeon a day and takes your item its even and fair because he put the same effort you did in the group completing that mission. You seem to think if you complete another mission entirely that earns you credit in a dungeon with complete strangers who care little for your achievements outside of the mission.
  7. What about difficulty?

    Viridian was easy and may be tweaked slightly but as an introduction you do not want it too difficult. Cinderlands stepped it up but aside from Sentinel and Bongok most instances were 1 attempt passes. I think 37-45 was where mobs not only got more punishing but you had to really flesh out those combos. I found some of the instances to be refreshingly difficult not to mention the world bosses taking some time to learn. I only hit 45 on the last day and me and some 42-45s ran the spider queen instance and actually wiped once and had a few deaths the second time. On the final boss I used both of my dragon shrine buffs
  8. Daily Dash Gems + Gem Box in Cash Shop

    The shop I believe offers random boxes with random gems while also offering a few specific ones I believe life on crit was one of them. The daily dash ones were mentioned above however with the 2 additional spins per day and not missing a single spin during this event I almost made it to the end of the spin and am at lvl 45 as a blademaster. I think by the time you get the gems in the wheel as a normal player the gem will be meh not saying that its a bad thing but not game changing. The gems along with the soulstones are probably the 2 closest cash shop items that encroach on pay to win (pve not pvp) One can gain a significantly easier and quicker leveling experience buying decent gems I wish I had known about it as I had learned this after being lvl 45 and only using gems from transmute. Not to mention the "Free Alpha NCcoins attached to the account will dissappear after alpha"
  9. Bidding system

    1 and 2. Define effort some would argue playing the market does not earn you a higher chance at group content drops. All getting money and using the economy should get you is items offered off the market and that economy. If I believe DPS is effort because it takes real skill and time if I outdps you I should get the item lets have a DPS meter loot system. I apparently have to go to the realm of silly to make a basic point. Effort is a matter of perspective an RNG guarantees everyone who actually earned the kill by putting in the actual effort to complete the mission not hypothetical effort outside of the group get a fair shake. You both seem to think your actions outside of a group should earn you more items in the group which makes 0 sense. Luckily the rest of the MMO world isn't nearly as stupid because if every raid in western MMOs was a DPK the genre would be doomed. 3. So it takes longer to resolve loot which is more fun? Its big of you to admit its slower but I know for me standing there bidding back and forth while the rest of the party twiddles their thumbs waiting to progress the dungeon sounds like oodles of fun. Im moist with anticipation thinking about that bid window 4. So they go into an instance requiring possibly 6 other players with items that only drop in that location possibly needing a breakthrough item you buy every item in the dungeon and hand the filthy casuals 2gold lets say tripling their net worth as they are indeed filthy casuals. So now 2 gold richer they requeue the dungeon only to lose to more no lifers. But hey now they are richer if they continue to run the dungeon 10x they will be able to actually outbid so meanwhile because you have no life they have to rerun content 10x. Or they can continue to queue hoping to not get a casual group or to finally get a no competition drop. Redoing something over and over trying for a different result.. man that reminds me of something r...n...g no that cant be it I just cannot remember. 5. So you combine your forces to defeat an enemy none of you could solo when the spoils are divided you hand each of them 1 gold grab all the gear and walk out. They got compensated they can just run it again. This is fun, so your saying you put more effort in so you should get a higher chance.. Did you put more effort into killing the npc that dropped said item? What if they out performed you in dps why not give them the item because they obviously put in real skill and effort all you did was either buy gold with money or play the market. You say "earning" gold is effort but effort is a matter of perspective, if you want to put in time playing the market and consider yourself an economist or farming gold to get items then why even have dungeons why not just offer them on the market and buy tradeable items. Your logic is full of holes aside from the fact that you don't want to compete on an even playing field. You mention give everyone everything the second the enter the dungeon but that would not fit your model. Your current model is there would be no attackable npcs just merchants you walk up to the boss bid on his items and walk out. Even better remove all loot tables from the game and have everything drop money. You put in more time you have more money all items are now on merchants and you can just buy it. Voila time=money meaning you get more items because you spent more time. Loot tables are based on... the dreaded RNG that costume may or may not drop where as if we got rid of RNG altogether everyone would have fun Random is never fun lets remove crit chance, hit chance, parry block all the chances. Or even better lets buy it pay 1 gold for 100% cc for 30 minutes pay 1 gold to 100% block for 30 minutes boom RNG gone your now invincible. I can now definitively say you both are part of the gimme generation. You think time spent = effort if you put time in you should get rewarded. Money can buy everything and you should get money and awards just for showing up. Its adorable
  10. Bidding system

    Absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing. I feel I must point out that your entire 4 points are merely ways to compensate for a clunky system. None of them address a level playing field or casual vs hardcore. You disagree because you do not like even footing is the only thing I read. I will address them in order, Setting a minimum prevents the 1 copper-2 copper spectrum possibly cutting off decent seconds but still would be solved exponentially faster by the tried and true rng method. You have found 1 way to mitigate a haphazard situation which would be completely solved alternatively. its like saying my route takes 1 hour to get to work your route takes 4 but you claim if you take a shortcut it only takes 3 hours. Additionally Increasing the starting point only exacerbates the casual elite problem which has yet to be addressed. You could run with all multiboxed bots, you could skip the dungeon and solo it at max level, you could make everyone agree beforehand to a list (EQ1 style) and run it over and over again, one could do a multitude of things to counter both bidding and RNG methods. Forcing players to rig the vote because you cannot provide a fair method does not, a good argument make Drama is created when you pit people against eachother in a player versus environment situation. In the few times people get hosed by RNGeesus or alternatively when one person gets lucky others get angry now imagine that multiplied by 100 because whoever has dispensable income literally cannot lose the item they want. Imagine tomorrow on all modern mmos I introduced a system where one could just buy a 100 roll every single drop which is exactly what this is if 2 people buy a 100 roll they have to buy another to win. Implement that feature in any modern MMORPG and there would be a riot because it promotes the worst kind of play. The argument that "There will always be drama" is like having horrible traffic on a road introducing 3 rich people only lanes and 1 poor people lane and saying "There will always be traffic we solved the problem for the people we care about" RNG is in every facet, critical hits, blocks, parries, Its more fun to you because you have control over it which could be said about all RNG making the game moot. The question of RNG vs bidding is that of fairness do you A: make everyone have an equal chance or B: allow people to buy their way to victory every time. Why stop here? Why not buy 100% critical hit chance or 100% block? RNG isn't fun remember. Im gonna take a wild guess and say you belong to the recent "Instant gratification" generation Lets take the opinion out of it and make bullet points that are indisputable facts. 1. 1 system is completely fair to all that play no matter the real money, level, or time input to the game. 2. 1 system depends on who has the most money and intention. 3. 1 system takes exponentially longer to resolve loot even with mitigating factors. 4. 1 system removes the lack of control from 1 person who would normally be at the mercy of RNG and hands 5 other people no control whatsoever. 5. 1 system does provide those not interested with loot an alternative way of profiting without having to sell items on the market Long story short if you like this system you enjoy a rigged game, more power to you there's nothing wrong with it. The other side enjoys an equal playing field. Its a question of preference however as previously stated I believe the argument is moot because I do not see a translation team making any sweeping changes to the game. I forsee no major overhauls and nothing other than minor tweaks
  11. Bidding system

    I do not believe this is the first game ever to think of such a system I believe other titles abandoned it for the following reasons: 1. It consumes way too much time after every drop. 2. It promotes elitism 40 hour/week players will be able to outbid 4hr/week players and while the casuals will get a "boost" to their net worth it realistically cannot exceed doubling their net worth as they would have to raise the bid to all they have just to get that result, most people will not want to risk everything they have. Twink with 200g can waste 50s-1g on every drop the other 6 players will get a minor boost to their wealth while still not being able to win anything. Especially on some of those rare cosmetic drops there will be realistically no way for a casual to reliably get them. The only positive side is when 2 money bags fight over said drop and you get your cut of their extravogent spending however this is a rare situation 3. MMORPG is a genre that already has plenty of drama even with even odds RNG based systems this will be 100x worse creating a negative gaming environment. I have already seen it in last weekends alpha (lvl 45 BM) and on TW servers. 4. And most people forget this: Its not fun. The people advocating for this are without a doubt the all in no lifers that want to buy their way to everything they want. Any reasonable person would agree to an equal random number generated roll for items (that your class can use) The original BNS team did not pave out a new method they aren't pioneers they made a toxic system to sell gold. People buy cash shop items, premium time, etc.. and sell it on the market so they can buy all the nice things in the loot tables. its not a mystical alignment of planets to why all other MMOs use roughly the same loot system its because its the most logical and fair system out there. You might be saying "Yea Mal they should change it" Well lets be honest if anyone here has played on TW or another client you know that no major changes were made to this game. Nor did I expect them to but I think we overestimate what a "localization" team can actually program or what they are actually staffed for. This is a pre-made game that they so far havent even been able to remove the post 45 quest from (you get an uncompleteable quest at the end of the story and it tells you to go somewhere that you cant) I highly doubt they can engineer a new loot system, make sweeping balance changes, or anything other than minor adjustments and tweaking text files and numbers. As much as I would like to see the eastern mmo a little more westernized I highly doubt it will happen.
  12. [Issue] Item Shop not fair.

    They even left transmutation stones out to not hurt the crafting economy aside from soul stones I think a lot of the content is spot on. edit** except bag space I believe the price is too steep for me I would not purchase it at the current cost.
  13. This annoyed me to no end. Mouse left to second monitor quite often.
  14. Various Incorrect Audio/Subtitles

    I wish I had written them down but a good portion of the dialogue from the last quests (last quests for this region at least) Cutscenes at lvl 43+ the audio does not match the subtitle. I do not want to spoil anything but its just a simple text to audio comparison.
  15. What about difficulty?

    I managed to hit 45, did some of those last zone instances and some are quite tough. We had a full group of 6 42+ get a lesson on being cocky in the spider queen one. Pulled way too much in the first room only to realize they weren't playing soft anymore. Had to slow it down and I am not ashamed to admit I went through both dragons life totem things on the last boss.