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  1. Yep been to real life as a government contractor and enjoy wasting money on my needlessly expensive car. A car 1/3 the price would get me to work too but I enjoy it. The reason I can afford it is because I did not throw money away gambling for a chance to buy the car I just bought it for a set price. I also enjoy digital games which give me hours of entertainment on the cheap and to this day have never bought a lottery box and I played rift which has a metric ton of them. The difference between someone who buys useless trivial items for a set price vs someone who pays for a chance at it is one
  2. This is the reason they do it complete morons that will spend truckloads of money to feel special. I miss the days where you saw a set of armor or mount and you asked where did you get that? and the response was something in the game not "Spent $200"
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