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  1. Same thing today. I got 3 crashes both on 32 bit and 64 bit clients. And now i have hour ban and no winning battle points for last match. Best game ever!!!
  2. I think they are right changing it c'z top 5000(it means every one) could easily have venture token on their multiple low geared characters. But i don't understand why only top 100 can have Tokens.(It will only increase the gap between super geared people and not so geared people). I think you should change it a little bit. Give at least for top 200-300 venture tokens.
  3. already 25 runs and no earring from box and only one from loot that went for 30 gold. NC soft is it normal to spend 4 hours in outdated dung that gives u nothing?
  4. I don't remember when i received Lucent acc. I think it was a long time ago. So ofc i will destroy it if i don't need it.
  5. Already did 9 runs to Necropolis and no earring.
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