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  1. Not only that , they also included some major latency lag and fps stutter for free!
  2. The New class in blade and soul

    They said within 3 months on their live
  3. LOW FPS after patch??!

    Same , I got a 980GTX Ti and not only my FPS drop sometimes , I get skill latency and my internet is 145MB download 10mb upload so thats not it either -- this patch F us up.
  4. A Few Questions.

    Yes you can roll your daily on any character , when you reach the end the reward will be sent to your account that u can reclaim in any character once. Ncoin should be available regardless u go on EU or NA aslong you use the same account you bought it with And no you can't send mail to a diff server
  5. Not sure , but we never did because no one actually died there since its super easy , well "we" as in all the people in headstart I cross server with
  6. the 24man gives like 4G I think , the 6man gives 95 Silver ,Some other dailies also gives 50 S but you have to look for them since I forgot which one was it , and for the brightstone dungeon , As a founder , the headstart was literally just us farming that dungeon trying to get the merry potter recipe to monopolize the market with Moonwater transformation stones , But the recipe was a rare drop and I was lucky enough to see atleast 8 of them in 48 Hrs , while people were bidding in alot of gold , I was actually gaining tons of gold from other people bidding for the recipes , and also I would make like 20 silver + per runs since people were also bidding for Moonwater Tears that were always dropping at the end of the dungeons.
  7. I got 4 lv 45's , get enough soulstone in a day or two to make a batch of 10 moonwater stones while buying the premium clay ingredient from market as for my dailies cover the fees. But of course before doing all of that I was also stuck at Infernal for the longest times while the stones were about 12G each but I earned in total of 60G by just grinding brightstone dungeon for 48 hrs because people were betting 70G or so for the recipe and I kept getting gold from that. So far I reached Siren upgrade and spent about 140G to reach there.
  8. Level 45... Now what ? ^^;

    Dailies for soulstones and gold until you have enough to upgrade your weapon to siren and as for soul shield , farm the misty wood faction soul shield by killing your enemy faction NPC to spawn the bosses. The soul shield will give u approx 38k HP If you want to make more gold , I guess , try crafting transformation stones but that will require you to change your profession
  9. They are not out yet , and around 2 or more Tier 5 skills for each class will be available on the Feb 10 patch
  10. OK it's enough!!!

    How did you "fix" your problem before?
  11. OK it's enough!!!

    I know for me , turning off Razer Chroma SDK Service worked for me , but after the recent patch 1-2 days ago , I kept crashing but I resolved it by turning back Razer Crhoma SDK Service on
  12. Thanks for the new outfits!

    They should be here in the next hr 0.0
  13. Yup you are correct , as soon its 10 am pst , they should be gone and replaced by the new ones
  14. Thoughts on FM for pve?

    I heard fire is for DPS O.o but from my point of view i only see fire as AOE dps and ice single dps from my friend who is 45 Fm , but he always kept complaining about how the class is bad(hard to solo) and all but he keeps playing it lol