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  1. Der TW server erlaubt 3rd party Software,also brauch man sich nicht wundern ........ :)
  2. Taken from the FAQ under the Founder's Pack: Are the costumes, accessory, and weapon skin in the Master Founder’s Pack available for all characters I create on my account? You can redeem your Founder’s Packs benefits only once, but all items included in the Founder’s Packs can be shared between all your characters on the same account. Note that in the case of the Weapon Skin and consumable items , these can only be used once so choose wisely which character to use them on.
  3. Crosshair disappearing.

    Had the same problem but could get Names+Crosshair back by opening the Inventory. Using Win7 (Fullscreen 1920x1080, GeForce GTX770) all drivers up to date.