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  1. In addition to the traditional roll system, it'd stop a lot of infighting if say soul shields and class weapons were instanced for every player.
  2. Australian Servers Please!

    I live in Australia too, my normal ping without WTFast it's 430Ping, Consistent D/cs + 5 second lag on abilities. Makes it virtually impossible for me to play anything besides Summoner and even that's hard.
  3. Oceanic Servers

    It was originally my bad I didn't look at the description xD
  4. Oceanic Servers

    I think it would be important for players to have that linked in your forum post as well in case they don't look at the video : >
  5. Oceanic Servers

    I feel like this should be here.
  6. Client crashes

  7. Party loot system

    Personally I would prefer it if all the items were instanced, meaning everyone got the same loot. I hate re-doing dungeons over and over because people infinitely bid with me.
  8. Goldspammers

    Okay, so I've known gold spammers have been a problem but this is getting ridiculous. I've limited all chats to faction only, Blocked up to 50 players, delete them and re-block, rinse and repeat essentially. However even when I do this there are over 50 goldspammers spamming Faction chat, I'm unable to help anyone or even read any of the chat anymore needs a fix badly.
  9. Goldspammers

    I've read about the updates but I honestly don't think it'll make to much of a difference as I've seen spammers in Cinderlands well above level 10.