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  1. Japanese Voice Pack and BNS Buddy

    I have played on CN with replaced costumes on all my chars for years now. (haha, you can't ban me here for doing it on CN... eerm, you can't, right? XD) And I never even got a warning. When starting the launcher there's a file check that for some reason scans all the files probably only for file name, not even by size. I know some people that play/played with mods/custom shit and I haven't heard anyone being banned for modifying the game, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Well, if it stays but we don't differ from other regions I'm up for the change. Got some mixed feelings about it tho, easier is not always better, but glad we don't get extra points to spend from HM Levels. I saw that elemental thing and I don't really know what it is (haven't bothered to research yet too tho) so could someone sum it up? :D
  3. Ohai, logged after a few months quit just to see how stuff goes. First thing I noticed were new yellow quests, yay, always loved those ;D Saw skill tree changed, but as I remember watching korean streams they have the oldschool tree. If we get stuck with this one and game ends up being different after the eventual catchup I would be really sad tbh. If we revert back to the old one that's fine, new one ain't bad as long as it won't be permanent. :D Anyways, saw some complicated evolve trees, but a few other extra cool features, so far I'm quite excited to see how it goes since HM levels don't grant extra points now, but those strange stats. If they have no effect in arena that would be awesome, hated the fact that I had to grind to be competitive in 1v1 arena. Are my impressions wrong? xD What are your thoughts of the game atm? Worth it the time learning the new stuff?
  4. Kill Trading

    And after all that QQing and spamming the forums what will happen? What will change? NC will start kicking people out and giving out warnings? They don't have the time (or idk what) to even deal with the goldtraders making faction and region unusable and you're QQing about people doing their dailies. From the few posts I have seen from you, dude, you seem like *cricket*. Just live with it and stop trying to convince everyone making your dailies is wrong. Half the forum told you already...
  5. Kill Trading

    Oh my God, guys, are you still going with this crap? Just *cricket*ing live with it, if you don't want to *cricket*ing trade *cricket*ing kills for the *cricket*ing daily just *cricket*ing don't. Lord, the amount of butthurt is so insane you can see it from the sky. Geez, just shut the *cricket* up already and *cricket*ing live with it, I'm so tired with your shit, people...
  6. Kill Trading

    That's a totally different thing and your point is invalid as hell... Can't you just imagine for a second that there are people that don't like pvp? Just imagine it, whoah, they exist. I know it's a shock, but trust me, they do. This quest encourages ganking and basically ruining the day of people. That's not how it's supposed to work, but that's how it works. Wintrading in arenas is totally different thing. Just read my damn post and stop talking bullpoo.
  7. Kill Trading

    And that's why the questing system works there, because people have brains and realise that behind that questing character with a red name there is a person which is there for a reason and they don't ruin other people's day for fun. Something I can't say about the europeans or americans... OH LOOK! A PERSON WITH ZERO PRESTIGE POINTS LOOTING A SOULSTONE WITH UNCONSCIOUS GUARD NEXT TO HIM, WHICH WILL GIVE ME ABSOLUTELY NO REWARD IF I KILL HIM! MY PARTY OF SIX PEOPLE, CHARGE FORWARRRRRDDD! RAWR. Let people quest, we don't give a ship if you think it's wrong or exploiting. As I said not everyone here is a PvP person, but soulstones are need. /thread
  8. Anyone else with this? Been like that all day, was fine last night. If I restart it same happens.
  9. Kill Trading

    It's not illigal, it's not against the rules, I don't mind people doing it. I don't like the quest itself. It forces you to kill other players, some of which are there just to do their damn dailies for the damn crystals and get the hell out to poh or blue dungeons for example. On top of everything if you're in a group and 5 people jump on one guy they all get credit for it, which encourages ganking. Before you even start about it, yes, I know it's PVP dailies and you're supposed to kill other people. But NCsoft really should learn the difference between hard and annoying. All the PVP dailies right now are simply annoying, no exceptions. Here are some examples: 1. Loot the 20 seconds cast time thingy. How it's supposed to work: It has a long cast time so they get contested by players, killing each other so they can loot first. How it actually works: You just killed all surrounding enemy NPCs so you don't get interrupted. Well, 1 respawns and interrupts you. You kill it, other respawn and interrupt you. Annoying as hell. 2. Kill the Enemy NPCs in the enemy base (including miniboss). How it's supposed to work: The enemies are in their base, so you have to fight enemy players which protect their camp. How it actually works: Change channels until you find one in which your 50+ people are farming the enemy base for tokens. Meanwhile get 10vs1 gank butt raped if you hit a wrong channel, then wait 2 minutes on top of your tree by the guards. When you find the right channel for you, either spam "inv" for 5 to 10 minutes so you can get miniboss or try to steal tags. GL with that if there are like 50 people there. Don't QQ about the traders, they just want to do the damn dailies and gtfo. Some people just don't like to PVP (I'm not one of them, but I understand) and the game forces you to PVP, since the PVP dailies are the main source of soulstones, which are main material for a lot of stuff. You will say "you can just buy em off the AH"? Yeah, you can spend 30 silver per one... Still incredibly overpriced imo.
  10. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    This topic is lols, the expansion ticket itself too. If you ever want to be good in that game (ESPECIALLY PVP) you need to get used to changing your talents on the go. When I do dungeons I actually use different talents for boss fights and for trash and I change them on the go. I'm still getting used to changing my talents every time I get in the arena, because I don't always meet assassins for example, and I need to tweak around my skills. Don't buy the ticket, learn to do it yourself. :)
  11. Please make a Guides forum!

    Guys! We need way more subforums, this is ridiculous! 90% of the forum is in general subforum. Make more, not only guides... But guides is more then nessesary.

    Then you should watch some livestreams on youtube of the Warlords of Draneor WoW expansion opening. I succeeded to ACCEPT a quest on the 3rd day literally. I finished it on the 4th...
  13. How to NOT have money problems in B&S.

    I never join a dungeon from that dragon crap, I go cross-dungeon. It's faster, and you deal with less bullcr@p. Also you obviously don't choose your party leader, I don't really know why, but 90% of the time I get in a cross dungeon I get the lead. Idk, might be luck. The dude you was arguing with basically told you everything why I do it. I hate waiting 5 minutes for a 50c item, I prefer rushing the dungeons, they are easy anyways. (leveling ones). I'm not greedy. I hate dealing with bullsh!t. Just because I'm not greedy I'm that feggot that always undercuts your auctions with amount that you can't handle (10-15%), so you prefer to wait for my stuff to get sold and hate me meanwhile. And because I hate dealing with bullsh!t I prefer less but secure profit now, then checking the auctions every couple of hours to see if someone undercut me. If you don't like the topic, you can press ctrl+W, you're welcome.

    Seriously, am I the only one getting this crap? I start to lag, few minutes after I get disconected from the server and then when I try to open the game I get this. Yes, I know, I should open it from the shortcut, not from the .exe, but that's what I do. I tried running it as admin etc, nothing helps. After like 10 minutes it fixes by itself. What the actual fuсk?
  15. Finally got my red mask after 78 runs!!!

    Well. f**k you too, over 200 at the moment...