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  1. Why the game will crash every time I get in?!

    Same here, just waited 1 hour to get inside the game like 15 seconds then it crashed, just to log in again getting another 50 min waiting time...
  2. Goodbye CBT! My 2nd Gon KFM /byebye, Cya again on early acces! ;)
  3. Hi, I noticed that my female Yun BM twists her upper body and looks deformed, this happens while walking and attacking at the same time, if you are standing still and attacking it looks perfectly fine. Only when walking+attacking the upper body bends awkwardly. I also have a Gon KM and this doesnt happen with that one, it's only with my Yun BM. I played since alpha and this problem didn't existed at that time. Also the new Summer Sea Costume have some issue with textures/mapping maybe? on my Yun only, it looks fine with my Gon (bought 2), but, with my Yun you can see a line that "cuts" and divides the upper legs part from the rest of the body, it looks ugly and kinda "mutilates" her looks. Also at the upper chest part with the same Summer Sea costume you can see like big pixels, again, this only happens with my female Yun BM. Everything is good and looks fine with my Gon KM. Have a nice day.