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  1. Short Pvp on alpha <3

    Just a short pvp video from alpha <3 hope you guys enjoy :D ~ ;D
  2. Friend's list bug ?

    Hello everyone, I really don't know if it was a bug, but reporting here. After I've tried to add a friend, shows me that I have 1/0 friends online and appear the message "UNABLE TO LOAD FRIEND LIST". I've tried to relog on game and all the other things and nothing worked, and after the relog I got 0/0 friends. SS> Thanks anyway for the wonderful #1 Alpha Lady cupcake~
  3. +1 agreed ~ Awesome alpha, Awesome faction chat ~ Awesome bamboo party ~Lady Cupcake/cake Yay :D
  4. Friend's list bug ?

    Just late reporting the bug in here xD
  5. Friend's list bug ?

    Nope, all my time in alpha, since alpha launch I got this error :/
  6. A Goodbye at Bamboo Village

    THANK YOU ALL GUYS <3 Lady Cupcake/cake here :DDD
  7. Letter of Appreciation

    Love you all guys <3 thanks for the Bamboo Party Lady Cupcake/cake here :D
  8. Let`s do THIS =D

    And if we gather all the server or factions to take a SS of the #1 alpha guys ? *-*
  9. Bugged mob stucked on char body

    Anyway .. that's fun HAHA *-*