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  1. Corrupted Razor

    Used a brilliant key on the Darkglimpse chest because... seriously F that place. Golden Deva was merciful. First chest gave me a razor. I await your fury.
  2. Non-jin race warlock event outfit?

    Actually what I was going by was the in-game wardrobe, but Rukkirii took care of it :)
  3. Non-jin race warlock event outfit?

    Lyn are able to use the Temptation outfit
  4. Warlock launch time

    I totally read this as Warlock Lunch Time at first glance.
  5. Daily Dash Feedback

    Because free items are bad? I preferred the older one too (minus the stopping at the end... loop us back around, we'll keep spinning!), but free is free. Remember too that items from the daily dash go into your account rewards box. You can redeem them on any character, not necessarily the one you did your spins on. So those viridian valor stones not useful at 45? Might help at level 15.
  6. how to access mushin tower??

    You sure it was from Mushin's Tower and not the gold weapon skin from the hongmoon store? Because the hongmoon store has gold weapon skins.
  7. Confused about the Dreadtide Arena

    In fact you can't do it with a group. Dreadtide Arena is a solo dungeon in which you fight a series of bosses. In the first chamber you choose 2 of the available 6 bosses to fight. None of them are particularly complicated. In the second chamber you can hire one mercenary for every mercenary contract you buy. There's one of each class. You then fight two bosses with them helping you (those are your daily markers there) and then a final boss where your mercs will promptly abandon you.
  8. New player - things you can't turn back?

    Character appearance can be changed with an Appearance Change Ticket purchased in the store. Your faction can be changed by forking over some cash to a faction change npc (labelled as such) Most quests are one-time completion. The exception is daily quests which can be completed once per day (designated by a figure-8 symbol on the quest marker). Skill ranks can be changed at will out of combat.
  9. Message to the Devs about skill tooltip

    Yeah I have a lot of complaints about skill description translations. They're a lot better than they were in alpha, but they're still far below what they should be. I'm compiling a list of tooltips as they are and what they should be. Summoner features prominently because yeah... wow.
  10. How much to have my entire wardrobe just be account wide the way it really should be? I get that you guys want and need to make money from this game. But come on, this just smacks of naked greed.
  11. Why are Unsealing Charms so expensive?

    If anything the NPC price is capping the Unsealing Charm market. They'd likely be much MORE expensive if you couldn't buy them from a vendor for 10s20c.
  12. Why are Unsealing Charms so expensive?

    I only realized this later but the game actually DOES tell you which items are worth unsealing (with the exception of soul shields... you have to open at least one of those to know if the set matters to you...thanks). In the tooltip of a sealed weapon or accessory there'll be a line that says one of the following: Offering for weapons requiring level 1 - 50 Offering for accessories requiring level 1 - 50 Breakthrough material Evolution material If it says one of the first two things, feed it. If it says one of the last two things, keep it and unseal when you're ready to use it. I've been playing since alpha and only just a few days ago noticed that this line existed. The game COULD do a better job pointing that out. Or give you a confirmation dialog box before you blow something up that says "Hey, you're going to need this... you sure you want to salvage it into a 1 copper grey?"
  13. Huge Nerf to Daily Dash

    I'm fine with the rewards cycling every month. That's good actually. But I also really wanted to be able to get that costume on more than one character. Not having account-wide access to my wardrobe is really quite annoying too, but that's another topic entirely. But especially with this kind of thing. So it's like, which character do I take this on? My main? The alt I'm playing more than my main? It's not account bound so I can't mail it around... Oh I know, I'll just complete the daily dash board again... OH WAIT.
  14. Huge Nerf to Daily Dash

    I doubt it. I've just done it a lot. Three times a day since head start started. I only had to average 4 spaces per day to reach the end by the end of the month and I usually did much better than that. I think my average total per day was 6-7 (2 was my most common spin).
  15. Huge Nerf to Daily Dash

    This is what happens. Oh and the best part? The chat notifications don't stop. It still keeps counting down the timers for my remaining spin every hour, half hour, and five minutes respectively.