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  1. windows 10 problem

    what do you mean it wont work? like you click download link and nothing happens? i had windows 10 downloaded with no issues
  2. Compensation

    amazing haha just left a game where thats all everyone talked about is what compensation can we get for this....... if something HUGE happened like a loss of character items or w/e i can understand compensation but to feel entitled because the server needed to be brought down in a moments notice is just wow
  3. This Beta is Plagued With This Issue!

    Lol I think huin is being sarcastic.... but like you said everyone is freaking out like o no if I can't play beta my life is ruined!!! You are here to test for issues just like this your lovely 75 $ will be worth just as much at launch
  4. beta download

    Alpha client still usable
  5. Could have something to do with it if they have something blocking certain content from loading properly
  6. NCoin

    Should send a support ticket might get better results
  7. Did you make sure to go to apply a code in account settings click the blade and soul tab on the right and apply your founders pack code?
  8. Socket to Me quest

    I no wanna read I want own topic pease mane? Lol ya its the very first post always good to check known issues before looking like your the magical first to find the issue even after alpha has gone for 2 weekends now
  9. gamepad control

    Any improvement would be nice combat won't really get any easier its always gonna be a challenge to implement unless your good with macros
  10. Daily Dash spins

    Yes it doesn't pop back up at 1 hour all the time but if you click f11 and select daily dash after an hour your spin will be there even if tab doesn't come back up on bottom
  11. Why are bosses too easy?

    I noticed some bosses were easier for me but like it was said compared to when I first played ru server now I know what to do in fights and gear was easier to lvl on here so had things high lvl already
  12. Client stopped working

    File repair fixed issue
  13. Technical Alpha 3?

    Exactly what bro said I think we will all survive another weekend without BnS to allow adequate time to make repairs
  14. Client stopped working

    Never had any problems last weekend and this one till last night I was standing in desert started moving forward and got a message saying it stopped working and made me close program didn't think anything of it till just now I get to character screen it loads completely then crashes load again get message bout it being sent to ncsoft and now it loaded to 80% and froze.... doing file repair now but this is ridiculous
  15. High Levels Spawn camping people

    And its people being over excited and which faction is doing it? If the faction system was fixed the way it should be to allow balance you could have more faction mates to help out since looks like everyone wants crimson and even thoigh its full they can get in.. I can see after a while of it being out anf more people being high level these trolls will run and hide from their games