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  1. Faction Annoyance

    Bumping this to ask.. Is anyone having any luck? I have had 0 luck with it.. :X EDIT: Just got it! O.O
  2. Faction Annoyance

    Agreed. Looks like they fixed a few bugs: - Bridge jump in Tutorial map that lets you quickly fly over bridge to get to the cave of trial. - Joining Faction when its alrdy full. - Obviously the Bug Exploit people were doing is fixed. Why me? @_@ I need my faction. lol
  3. Hongmoon Level Display Issues

    Few issues (which I expected would happen) with the Hongmoon Level display. 1. When looking at the Dropdown Menu after clicking a person's name, the H.M. level is cut off. (ex: Level 45 H.M.....) 2. Character Info (F2) doesn't seem to show Hongmoon Level, or if it does, it says Dark Arts Last Name. No idea what that means. >.> That appears to be the main issues regarding HM display. Party window seems to not be cut off, luckily. If you guys could fix this in your translations ASAP, I would really appreciate it! Heck, I'd even do it for you if you let me. :P
  4. Faction change

    Yes. It costs 10 silver, and you can't change again for a cooldown (I think 10 mins to an hour?). Go to a Faction NPC in places like Jadestone Village (most popular spot) or even the Village in Tomun Range.
  5. Could I please get a response from NCSoft on this? You released a race/gender specific costume for every combination except for Jin Female.. Could you please release one for her? I'd recommend either Lunar/Solar Eclipse, or Wind/Thunder God. Please don't forget Jin Female!
  6. Jin-Female Only Costume Release?

    Eh. We've had that one for a while, obviously. >.< They released the other ones at 999 semi recently. I for one would like to see a new Jin Female-only Costume, since there are other race-specific Costumes in the Cash Shop that have been there a long time as well, yet they still got a new Race-specific costume. So I reiterate. We definitely need a new Jin Female-only costume release to the Cash Shop. >.< EDIT: Looks like Female Lyn also doesn't have a new Fem Lyn outfit released, although she does have several other Fem Lyn outfits in the CS.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I'm seeing the same thing as well.. I'm shocked! From non stop spam to completely quiet. No idea how, but I hope it lasts?
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This is getting out of hand.. BIG time! Faction Chat is now completely overrun with Spammers!!.. I just blocked 10 and there's like 30+ more already! When is NCSoft going to act like they care?... I swear I wiped my Block List because it was full, and people that I blocked weeks ago were spamming chat as soon as I blocked them. I reported each of them, too! What are all of these reports doing? You're obviously ignoring them. How much is too much? We want action!
  9. Premium Member Queue

    Meanwhile, in Poharan, I can log in and out freely. :D Seriously, though.. They should've paid closer attention to heavy, heavy server caps leaning towards 1 server. When 50% of the entire population chooses 1 server, there is bound to be trouble. Also, it's the weekend, so there isn't that much NCSoft can do right now. I think what NCSoft should do is allow transfers out of Mushin -right now- and maybe even give incentives to fill up the other servers. If you take even 5% of Mushin pop and move it into every other server, they'd probably even out in no time..
  10. No announcements so far

    You didn't specify your problem.. Let me guess.. You're stuck on queue for Mushin? I wonder why.. Oh wait.. 50% of the entire NA Server population went to 1 server. (out of 8 total). That's why. Either way, I'm sure they will either enlarge Mushin server login cap, or completely lock Mushin from creation and maybe offer incentive to join other lower pop servers. That'd be the sensible option in my opinion.
  11. Google Authenticator will be used instead of a 1 time pin, actually. It'll work the same as Wildstar, wherein you use the Google Authenticator app on your phone. I checked when I loaded in game, and instead of it asking for a One Time Pin, it asked me for my Unique Login Code, (or w.e its called, I forget >.>). It may be different when the game goes up, though.
  12. 2-Factor Authentication for BnS

    Japanese version has a 2 Step Authentication system of its own with log-in, and I believe Korea also uses a similar type of system. I think it'd be a good idea security-wise for NA/EU to put in that system, and use similar systems like Wildstar uses which is Google Authenticator.
  13. I had a question for the Localization and Systems devs for this version of BNS.. I noticed that voices for certain NPCs have been added gradually from CBT to CBT. Some voices, such as ones in Oakshade Village are now fully voiced, and some NPCs in certain towns now have voice and others do not. What are your Launch Plans for voicing in the game? Do you plan on keeping the myriad of mixed voicing and non-voicing (which makes no sense as one point you hear them talk, then another its just silent..), or do you plan to have everything fully voiced by Launch (or soon after Launch)? I for one would prefer it either one way or the other, but not a random mix... Obviously a lot of voices also are sub-par quality or just plain poor quality, so they would also need to be looked into as well, but its a serious part of this game with its anime-esque theme. We can't have careless gaps of voicing everywhere. It is just sloppy. So it all comes down to this.. Full Voicing, Partial (Story-only) Voicing or something in between? What are the Launch plans for Voicing?
  14. Patch Notes?

    Still no Patch Notes.. What did you change for CBT2?
  15. As mentioned, I was just skimming through the Cash Shop looking at items they put in with CBT, and stumbled upon a new Food item called a Hongmoon Herbal Artisan beef Stew, that requires LV 45. Here is a picture of the item in question. Is it me, or is THAT pay to win right there? I haven't seen any mention of this item, and I only just now saw it..
  16. Yxion's CB1 weekend report.

    I'm going to mention one thing that is relatively important and slightly p2w. I believe at Rank 9? or Rank 10? Premium, your listings increase from 30 to 100. That's an immense boost. Just saying.. Check out the Premium Rank Benefits page again when you get the chance, and you may be surprised how much more you get with max rank 10 of Premium. Do know that getting to rank 10 costs between 400-500 dollars, even if you start out at rank 5.
  17. Question for veterans of the game

    Correcting real quick to prevent confusion.. Lyn Sword Master = Blade Dancer. Sword Master = Blade Master.
  18. CBT Question/ CBT Death of BnS?

    Would you have been happier if they had lower level caps that they gradually increased as the CBTs went on? It's too late now, but would've been a good idea, honestly. It'd put a lot more emphasis on testing content bit by bit for the very fine details when it comes to things like Translation Issues, Game-breaking Bugs, etc.
  19. Compilation of Bugs I found

    Nice report. Same style as mine. :) I'm really liking the Alpha community so far. Here's to hoping the CBT community stays just as enthusiastic as the Alpha community was!
  20. Open Discussion with English Localization

    1. Do you have plans on including FULL voice acting for all NPCs and SubQuests, at least for English? Every other version has this, and the Sound Cue files are still there, yet no voice can be heard. I can also note that there was at least 1 quest not related to Main Storyline that was voiced. 2. Any plans on editing the Crafting UI (L) a bit? The Crafting Guild name is cut off, and I feel like the Materials, Order, etc buttons could be made into their own icons and allow for hovering over it to see the name of the buttons (like you did with Sell Window, etc. 3. Can we expect a relatively large update to translations and possible even voice acting by CBT1 or soon after? 4. Do you translate from Korean yourself, or you do edit the blatant translations from the Korean translators? 5. Are there copyright issues with Translations like some games have that force you to not use original naming on some NPCs, Mobs, Items, etc? For example, Pokey was Scorpion King or something of the like. Often times I see Korean developers forcing English companies to use anything but their original translations. Another game, for example, has strict requirements for the host that mention they don't have rights to use most original names, while the South East Asian version has full rights to the original translations.. 6. Back to #1. Voice Acting. Full, or very partial? Any intention on completely changing the Voice Acting, such as removing the Cowboy/Cowgirl voices since they don't fit with the theme of the game? What about improving the voices that are so raunchy and bad that they just must be changed?<--
  21. Wasn't Remote Bank available at LV 1 Premium (VIP) in other versions? I feel the Rank 9 requirement is a bit too steep, especially taking into account the money required to get up that high. I for one feel like they should lower the Premium Point requirements across the board for NA/EU. You don't know it yet, but getting Premium Points won't be the only thing costing a ton of money. Getting an end game Legendary and especially upgrading that Legendary will easily cost thousands of dollars. At least make the Premium point accrual a bit easier. I also could have sworn other versions made it a bit easier to rank up and get features unlocked with Premium (VIP).
  22. In game clock?

    There is an In Game Clock feature, actually. It can be forced via the game config, but not going to openly explain how. It is completely against the TOS. Also, the In Game Clock in its current state is only based off of the Server Time, not your own time. It shows up to the left of the Map Name at the top right of your screen.
  23. Vinn's TA2 Bug List

    Here is a list of bugs or translation errors I found during TA2. I'm reporting the majority of these so I can be sure they get fixed up by CBT. :) 1. Some quests mention Martial Alliance and Chaotic Legion. These are the old Alpha names, and still need to be changed. Quest: The Sky is the Limit 2. Leg Sweep/Shin Kick in Skill List TWICE This skill shows up twice in the Skill List, and all of the skill bonuses are the same. Even though the 2nd one says Shin Kick, the bonuses are the same as the Leg Sweep, so it's obviously an accidental double skill in the window. Notice that when I put some points into one, the other one also shows points. 3. Fallen Refuge listed as Refuge of Agony in a quest. Quest: From the Highland Central (Final) 4. Crystalback Turtle listed as Blueshell Turtle in a quest. Quest: Secret to Strength 5. 'Level' shown in Clan Window shows as Above Level instead of just 'Level'. 6. Croak King's Court instance listed as Aquanuran Palace in a quest. Quest: Death Suitable for a Traitor 7. Gollak Warden listed as Gollak Prison Guard in a quest. Quest: Tribe Liberation 8. Regal Shimmering Raptor listed as Large Silver Heron, Shimmering Raptor listed as Silver Heron in a quest. <-- Very confusing at first. Quest: Lacking Ingredients 9. Lake Rock Crab listed as Lake Rockcrab <-- No spacing in Rockcrab -- in a quest. Quest: Proper Drinking Method 10. Drunken Jin Tonwai listed as Drunkard Jin Toni in a quest. Quest: Start of the Festival 11. Pond Hex Ploggle listed as Pond Shaman Frogs in a quest. Quest: Devoted Children of Hungbu 12. Hogshead Farmland listed as Hogwind Farmland in a quest. Quest: Lee Dongwon's Research Log 13. Messed up Tip message for a quest. Use is misspelled as Us. Quest: Chapter 6: Blood of the Wolf -- Message is Type "/bow" or us at the Darkwolf Altar to show your respect. <-- Should be use, not us. --- It also doesn't say what to use. It should mention 'Press F12, Social, Bow emote' or something along those lines. 14. Yes Men tag for a quest is listed as Ravenfall. It may also be referring to the area, which would also be incorrect, since it is Razorwing Ravine. Very confusing. Quest: Helping Hands 15. Gnarlox are referred to as 'Turtlebear' in MANY quests. There are numerous quests with this error, and it should be an easy fix of just copy and paste, replace all. -- Not going to list every quest or picture, since there are multiple occurrences of this issue. Some include 'Immature Child", "Geological Survey of the Radiant Sanctuary". 16. Hongmoon Clan Upgrade Support Chest in Cash Shop is named wrong. -- I lost a picture of the proper name for it, but a lot of those supply boxes in the Cash Shop were named something different than what it actually showed when youv iewed the item details. It should be easy to go in and figure out what the proper name is. 17. Pouring Water animation is incorrect. The water is too far off the right, so the water actually ends up on the right edge of the cup, as well as the NPC's hand. Quest: Chapter 21: Mushin's Army 18. Survey 14 question 'What Faction did you choose?' has an incorrect spelling in an answer. -- Cerulean Order is listed as Cerulean Alliance. 19. Crafting Guild window should have some UI elements adjusted. Crafting Guild name is often times too long and text goes into the progress bar. The Order Available, Owned Materials, etc buttons could also be adjusted. -- I suggest making the text disappear and instead making custom icons for those buttons for Materials, Orders, Points, etc. and let you hover over them for the full name. Also, make the Crafting Guild Name invisible and let the player hover over the Guild Icon to see the name of the Crafting Guild. 20. A quest mentions retrieving a bomb, but has no mention of what to do with it once you actually got it. -- The quest requires you to throw the bomb at a mob to make it into a Fragmented Sandstone and then collect the Sandstones. Quest: Business is Booming -- You should include in the Quest Tracker something like "Retrieve bombs from Red Vipers, throw them at Sandbiters and obtain Fragment Sandstone." Something long will go a long way to prevent someone from getting confused with the quest. 21. Quest mentions taking a Wanted Poster, but doesn't say how to get them. -- This quest requires you to kill Red Vipers and obtaining the Wanted Posters from them. Quest: The Lost Scout -- You should change the Quest Tracker text to "Obtain Wanted Posters from Red Vipers". ------------------------- END OF ALPHA 2 BUG REPORT!
  24. Emotes / F12 Motions

    Reported and well known. Likely to be fixed by Beta. Use /applause, /cry, /scary, etc.
  25. I've looked through the text as well. There should be text there, but they misplaced a 2nd ‘null on that string as well as another unused string. That being said, it'd be something along the lines of 'Hero, wait! Have you heard about the Cash Shop?' and the Dialogue when you are by the NPC is wrong. It says another string that is likely misplaced. The dialogue by being near the NPC should be 'Hero, wait!'.