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  1. Are Tag 3v3 Pre-mades Cross-Server?

    I tried doing a premade 3v3 with a friend from a different server and it didn't allow me to do so...is it supposed to then?
  2. Will NA EVER get Night Luna?

    Hell yes. As long as there's hope then I'll be satisfied... unless they'll be put in RNGesus boxes :x
  3. I heard rumors that it'd be on the next daily dash but as we all can see, it's not... so... ???
  4. Name Reservation time...

    Thanks guys, y'all are the best!
  5. I've been looking around the internet for a bit and have been trying to find an official post that stated when the name reservations began, and I tried looking through the FAQ on the main page but couldn't find the answer bubble that stated it. Reddit and other sources say that the start time is 6 PM PST January 11th. Can you guys confirm this for me please? Feel free to roast me for being stupid for not being able to find the official post myself :\
  6. Should my FPS be this low?

    Ahhh wow, actually this sort of gives me hope! If it was a problem in the sense that if your specs are too good then you can't play, THEN I'd be distraught (I don't really get this "optimization" thing that people have been talking about b/c it sounds sort of counter-intuitive to me). But if it's a matter of just having too weak of a card then that's fine, upgrading can always be an option in the future then. Also, thank you for explaining the hundreds and tens digits for me, I don't really know computer stuff but that comparison you made just made this crystal clear :3
  7. Should my FPS be this low?

    Ah..so are you saying that my laptop is too "good" for the game at the moment (I mean that in the least arrogant way possible)? Until BNS gets optimized?
  8. My FPS caps out at around 20-25. I'm running this on an ASUS gaming laptop: ASUS ROG GL551JM-EH74 15.6" Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz (Turbo up to 3.5GHz) 16GB DDR3L (1600MHz) 256GB SSD NVIDIA GTX860M 2GB GDDR5 Are my specs not good enough? I bought this laptop just so I could run games like these but I'm starting to worry now if this is how it's gonna be.. (League works fine on 60 fps if that matters at all, though I know it's not as intensive as BnS) Yes, I'm running the game on my Nvidia graphics card too.
  9. Loading screen problem

    I get the same problem when trying to enter Bandit Hideout for the CH.8 quest ... I get stuck at like 90%ish and it just stops. My computer then doesn't recognize that the program is even running anymore and so the client is there, visible to me, but I can't end task in Task Manager to try to get out of it....this has happened 3 times now and I can't moved forward because it's a story quest