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  1. Questions regarding the game

    1) If by stash you mean bank, then yes, there are banks. 2) You get keys from daily quests, reward boxes, and crafting (radiant ring). You can also buy keys on the marketplace, and they are usually rewards on the roulette map. 3) I'm not 110% sure, but I do believe Hongmoon gear is the best until you reach max level. Someone else might want to give an opinion, though.
  2. Summoner Cat question -- starter cats

    The cats you can pick from in the beginning are only for looks. The personality doesn't effect the game either, and you only see it when you first talk to them. They don't ever speak after you first talk to them.
  3. 7 Day Delete, Seriously?

    I would like a 2 level authentication process. I don't know whether or not I like a class until I have most of the skills, and that obviously takes me beyond level 20. It doesn't matter how well I plan my character if I don't like how they play at level 20-30, or if I get to 45 and decide I'm just not feeling it... This isn't really a problem for me, because I have plenty of character slots, but for someone with only 2... They have to wait 7 days to make a new character because they decided at level 15 (I think it's there that it becomes 7 days) they don't like it? That's painful.
  4. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd like one as well! Thank you, whether you can or cannot. <3
  5. That makes sense, but when I got there I was alone and every other salt crystal could be collected save for one or two. I assumed they were decoration, or something...
  6. I especially agree with the account-bound wardrobe. The only thing worse than grinding for an outfit once, is having to grind for it multiple times. After the first time I end up not really caring if I get it again or not, which means I end up favoring one character because they're the most complete...
  7. Bidding system

    I'm with Fudgetruck, there are things I like and things I don't. Mostly I don't like when people don't pass on objects they obviously don't want (so it takes forever), and also the fact that you need to be lightning quick to input a bid rather than just pressing y/bid because it resets every time someone else presses y/bid. I do like that it's more difficult for someone to just decide "I'm going to roll need on this even if I don't need it." because now they have to pay up... And I also like that everyone gets something because everyone did work. It prevents leaving with absolutely nothing.
  8. I suppose I can understand that, yeah. I would also gladly pay 5$, though I believe I read somewhere that your costumes will stay in the wardrobe even if premium runs out-- you can take stuff out, too, just not put things back into it.
  9. I think having the wardrobe be for premium members only is silly. Maybe if they unlocked it once you bought a costume or two? That way the people who like to purchase costumes have a place to put them, and they still get money? I don't see it as much of a problem, mostly because I can't see myself carrying every PVP uniform around with me. Other than Crimson/Cerulean, you don't really need to tote any other costumes around... right?
  10. Dash (+ Run Speed)

    You do get increased stamina, later on in the desert.
  11. newb question re: weapon repair

    Have you checked the level requirement for the hammers? I'm not 100% sure, but I think the basic hammer are the ones that only work for level 10 or lower weapons.
  12. Alpha update 1

    The quest either comes a little bit too early, before you actually have gems, or it's supposed to come with a practice gem and does not-- it has nothing to do with your weapon, dw about it. :)
  13. Account bound items???

    You mail them to yourself.