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  1. XIGNCODE3 ?

    yep same here frame drop random dc freeze.
  2. New Class Pogchamp

  3. Did server malfunction just now?

    contact your isp /Kappa
  4. 136 Haven't even seen one necklace on my bm that's the increase drop rate patch. 170+ On my sin saw one and that was before the patch that they said they increase the drop rate.
  5. Cannot see other player effect with graphic set to 5
  6. R.I.P Profile Pictures AGAIN.

    Other Bugs, Hacks, Bots they don't care they only care about disabling profile. lol
  7. Disconnected (2000)(133.0)

    Getting disconnected when switching to character select screen.
  8. getting disconnect

    Switching to character select screen getting disconnect from client or client just close anyone else getting this?
  9. Increased Ping after new patch?

    zzz i get the same shiet answer telling me is my isp packet loss after testing with pingplotter -_-
  10. Increased Ping after new patch?

    same here having skill delay
  11. Increased Ping after new patch?

    yea ping is worst now
  12. RIP Profile Gifs

    They too busy working on profiles pic.
  13. Profile Pictures

    I still think is stupid to remove the gifs if people is triggered so much the of the image why don't you just bring back the whole censorship of the game.
  14. Naryu Lab Unplayable, Constant Packet Drop

    Having same problem here.
  15. fps stutters are terrible after unchained update.

    What with the delay on the F key when talking to npc and skill there delay and I'm not the only one friends as well having the same problem.