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  1. Megaphone / Gigaphone

    Please Please Please give us an option to mute this. You are opening up a great way for rubbish spam and gold sellers to communicate with server.
  2. This issue usually comes from specific Chinese ping boosters. I used to get the same error code when running JP client and TGP at the same time. It could be the same if you are using another ping booster but I cant say for sure. My solution was to not run these specific boosters and use something like WTfast
  3. Whisper Message is mixed up

    When sending whispers to someone it is putting the message before the name you are sending This is opposite to how it appears in other client versions. If this is however intentional then please close bug.
  4. Selected character outfits do not appear character info pages. Mainly affecting cash shop outfits.
  5. Thanks you ncsoft!

    Can't wait for the EU servers... even better pings 4 me