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  1. Hi I'm a BladeMaster and was wondering what necklace would be most viable for my class. The prophecy necklace is seriously impossible to get it gives me 1 emblem fragment each time and i need 10 to make a emblem and need 25 emblems to get necklace which seriously seems impractical. I have the necklace from Scarlet Conservatory whatever acronym that is and the VT necklace. I trashed the darkstorm necklace thinking I would not need it anymore so I only have elevation and Scarlett Conservatory necklace now. Are they at least close in stats? I just feel I wont be getting prophecy anytime soon so I
  2. Not sure which one I prefer. I like both but is it just me or do gunslingers have to prioritize focus more then other classes? When i tried archer I don't remember having to worry about focus so much. and neither on my blademaster. On archer it seemed i could just endlessly spam rmb without worry. I know some people macro gunslinger but does it do the same consistent damage as archer starting out? Someone told me gunslinger has more burst and archer has overall consistent damage whatever that means. Gunslinger is fun but having to hit lbm so often to stay "loaded up" is a pain.
  3. Anyone else constanly get kicked from koldraks lair? I changed all my settings and tried direct line in pc optimized low pc and still everytime I get message kicked due to unauthorized program error 1005 im not even using any other program or internet page when playing blade and soul because the lag for me is so bad when in groups and im playing in the states in major city that is only place in game that does that to me or gives me that message.
  4. After the recent update my skill bar is backwards. I used to have flicker as lmb and dragontongue as rmb but now in its place is breeze and pierce but now i have to hit tab to get to dragontongue and flicker and can only be on the tab side for 6 seconds, where before i could have limitless dragontongue and flicker and i even tried resetting all settings im honestly very confused by this any advice?
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