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  1. I'm looking for skybloom wings, to purchase or anyone willing to it to me free? (i know no one would but doesnt hurt to ask) I can pay in pp rather than gold tbh
  2. blushette


    i believe i am since am doing the steps as required but for some reason its not letting me pass. Im gonna try again later or can i submit a ticket for this? could be a glitch or so since BnS is laggy
  3. blushette


    ~~Im up to the part of Tab, 1, and left click but for some reason im not passed it. I been doing it in order as asked and i been at it for 10min straight. What am i honestly doing wrong? what more if there to do than tab, 1, and left right!!!~~ figured it out. one day it just magically let me pass lol
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