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  1. Game wont start

    Nvm i think i fixed it by deactivating some part of avast :))
  2. Game wont start

    So when i open the launcher everything seems fine right, and i click on the start game button and it changers so it says "playing...". The launcher then hides itself like normal and it seems that the game is starting, but after like two sec the launcher pops right back out and and the start game button no longer says "playing..." just "start game". I really don't want to reinstall the game since my wifi is absolute horse ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ so it takes ages.
  3. why tf is my character gone :/

    yea i may have been a dumdum and not realized that the servers changed from EU to NA so that may be the reason why lol, ill log in and see later when maintainace is finished
  4. why tf is my character gone :/

    So I logged on just now and my character is gone, it just tells me that i have two character slots available, any idea as to why this happend guys and how i can fix it?