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  1. Please fix the new launcher cannot download the game

    so far this fix has worked for me (see below for fix). i allowed the launcher through my firewall and such like recommended before. but i still kept getting the same error. i contacted customer support and no solution was found as of yet (still waiting for another reply from them). but THE FIX I FOUND SO FAR IS: When you get the error telling you it cant download what ever file it is and it has a 5446 or what ever at the end of it. just hit confirm then go to the bottom of the launcher and switch it from North America to Europe.... then click update and it will continue to download, then once you get the error again... do it again from Europe to NA and back and forth... keep this up and you will get it downloaded. its really annoying and you have to babysit it but it seems to be working for me so far.