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  1. hello i am returning player now i have a problem with optimize low end pc option imagine we r on 2017 i was playing bns. I was getting 5-10 fps when i open optimize low end pc i was get 30fps in dungeons 40fps in muhsin tower with ctrl+f. and game was windowed screed and 800x600. Now i install game again same laptop same equipments. I got same fps 5-10. I open optimize low end pc and i got 5-10fps again. Only lightnings are gone even game is fullscreen. I manually set ggame as a windowed and changed resulotion to 300x400 but sitem 5-10 fps. Is something change for optimize low end pc. I think i couldnt change it this time. About cards yeah i put priority for this game to nvdia Edit settings with nvidia inspector I set high priorty on task manager What else i need ? why optimize for low end pc is not working anymore??