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  1. ahh i think that's the reason but my OS is 32bit how can i change it?
  2. TavasaSamantha


    can anyone help me the game always crash trying to lower the graphic even the frames but its still crash can anyone help me., ohh i'm from philippines is there a problem playing this game in my country?
  3. hi i'm just new in this game., i already download the client install the 10gb game and also update it but when i connect to game it always crash., don't know what to do., i really want to play this game can anyone help me., i'm from philippines can you advice me something of what to do., really getting ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about getting crash like you to login in again wait for the 44gb verification and a 3-5mins waiting just to get to the character selection then when i get to the game i just walk or run a little it crash can you help me with this problem
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