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  1. Last quest is bugged can't complete.

    thanks i think i got it
  2. Last quest is bugged can't complete. i didn't get these at the end cause it glitched to where i couldn't turn it in to her, So this screen show is from a video that i seen it on. There's multiple like this i just never got to get my last thing. So i really need help @Dlacik
  3. Last quest is bugged can't complete.

    I didn't get the items from the girl, She was glitched then i restarted it and she isn't there now. I never got too finish it. Cause when i was getting done the star never popped on her head as it did in the video and i never got my items and xp @Dlacik
  4. So the last quest is bugged for me i can't really finish it unless she somehow respawns or something. But i don't know how it ended up this way please help. It says find a way to live in peace. The girl should of let me have stuff and ended it there. I seen it on a video but no idea what to do i got a screen shot of it.