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  1. About costumes

    how do i get the materials? i saw that some costumes require high quality fabrics etc
  2. Hey there :) I'm new to the game and before you say - there are 10000 guides on this topic -, I must say that some guides are really hard to understand with 0 knowledge about the game. I have a few questions about costumes: 1) Can you get any costume for free? even these you see in the stop (f10)? 2) Is there any other way to get the costumes besides buying them with Hongmoon coins? ( this implies besides exchanging gold to hongmoon coins too - I don't think there is a way to earn a decent amount of gold for a newbie at this point ) I speak about crafting - can you craft whatever costume you want? if you can craft them or at least some of them, can someone explain me step by step how to ''craft'' costumes? 3) what is the easiest way to get some money as a newbie so you can get into the game in a decent rate?